Oh No! My Orgasm is Gone!

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Orgasm Difficulty Causes: vibrator damage Symptoms: clitoral insensitivity Age: 18 - 35

She has been using water jets since she was fifteen years old. Now she only uses a vibrator, but isn’t having an enjoyable orgasm. She states that her orgasm only lasts for one second, and that her orgasm feels like nothing. What has happened to her orgasm, and what can she do to recover her feminine enjoyment?

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I have used a water jet for stimulation every time I used the shower since I was fifteen years old. That was many years ago, and after constantly using the water jet for so long I am now using only a vibrator. I use the vibrator on the outside of my clitoris, and when I orgasm it is only for about one second and I feel absolutely nothing. My clitoris seems dead and like it isn’t even there. I can never orgasm again.


Give your vibrator a break! It sounds as though you’ve stressed your clitoral nerves to the point that you’re not getting a proper biofeedback for orgasm. Constantly using a vibrator on your clitoris can cause your body to build scar tissue, which impedes sensation. Not only that, but the hormones resulting from that continual stress can negatively impact your orgasm.
Buzzed Out
As I mentioned above, continually using a vibrator, or water jets, or any type of percussive stimulation can cause your body to think you’re undergoing some type of abrasion. Your body wants to protect itself, especially in such a delicate area, and creates internal scar tissue to stop your nerves from being buzzed. This instance, however, is the exact opposite of what you want.
After your body begins fighting back against this irritation, several other issues arise as well. One is inflammation. As you continue to stimulate the area that your body is trying to protect with scar tissue, a chemical reaction takes place in the area that creates prostaglandins. Some prostaglandins are good, and necessary for specific bodily functions, but the ones formed on site are pain causing, inflammation-creating irritants.

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Cramping Your Style
The prostaglandins can cause pain and cramping in severe instances, but even without those side effects, they encourage bruising and the crimping of the feeder veins and arteries in the area. This is a huge issue for your clitoris. Without fresh blood bringing nutrients, sex hormones, and chemicals to your clitoris, there is no way for you to experience true clitoral arousal.
Break it Off
So, you know what you’ve done to your clitoris; now learn what you can do to restore it. The first thing for you to do is to stop using your vibrator. If at all possible, try not to stimulate your clitoris at all. You need to allow your body time to recognize that there isn’t any attack going on. I recommend exploring other sensual techniques that can result in orgasm, such as G-Spot stimulation.
It can also help you improve your orgasm by determining your sensual spots, and what turns you on. The better aroused you are, the more you’ll feel during sex.
Renew You
While this process occurs, I’d also recommend beginning an herbal remedy designed to refresh and revitalize your clitoris. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Restoration) It contains powerful herbal agents that encourage your body to reduce inflammation and remove scar tissue. It also promotes healthy vaginal and clitoral tissue growth and circulation, through the ingestion of phytoestrogens. A few choice herbs improve your libido and sexual experience as well.
This formula packs a punch for women suffering from clitoral desensitization. I’m sure that by giving your clitoris a chance to recover, and by encouraging a healthy clitoral environment, you’ll be having much improved orgasms in no time!

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Natural Renewal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Desensitization

Vaginal abrasion, aging, prescription drugs, birth control medications, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and poor vaginal peripheral circulation may all lead to the desensitization of the G-spot, and the vaginal and clitoral sensitivity... Read more
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