OCD: Orgasmic Contortion Disorder

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By Steve Sun Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 18 - 35

His obsessive-compulsion disorder continues to create an orgasm disorder.

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Sex is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be a hobby in which two individuals can share their bodies to release any pent up stress and frustration. Yet I am an atypical individual who has transformed sex into a slew of rituals. I cannot enjoy sex like most people. Before I can even engage in sex, I must perform a series of rituals that can last five to ten minutes—all while my girlfriend lies naked on the bed. My constant delay in sex ruins her desires. Despite my impeding ritual, my OCD even ruins my erectile capacity and orgasm abilities.
To get an idea of how bad my OCD is, I need to have her lie her head back with her hair in a bun, avoid eye contact, keep her nose pointed toward the North Star and moan for me to continue. Any deviation from this pattern will interrupt our lovemaking, forcing me to start my five to ten minute rituals once again. These rituals make keeping an erection impossible, while trying to orgasm a chore. When my partner does not force me into my rituals, I still cannot orgasm. Why is that? Could my medications be at fault?


Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is making you perform the estrange rituals that eventually to the end of your relationship. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is rooted deep down of malfunction of brain chemistry. Those people suffered from Orgasmic Contortion Disorder, a type of OCD, often exhibited unexplained strange sexual behaviors that often puzzled doctors.

As you already known that your OCD rituals hampered sex—for you and your partner. Individuals without the condition will be quick to vilify you as an eccentric person with a slew of odd habits. Still, OCD is a serious condition that can affect all aspects of life—from work to sex.

OCD medication, like most prescription pills, can actuate a slew of sexual dysfunctions. Men can start to experience weak, unsustainable erections, premature ejaculation or no ejaculation.

Depletion of Dopamine
Medications can alter your body’s brain chemistry, causing a multitude of imbalances.

Testosterone, dopamine and serotonin—necessary neurotransmitters, can all experience an imbalance.

Dopamine, a necessary chemical for providing pleasure too can see an inordinate drop, leading to orgasm dysfunctions. Because your body cannot produce enough dopamine, you cannot orgasm.
Fixing the Dopamine Problem
Dopamine needs to be improved in order to witness a return of your euphoric orgasms.

The body will need two things: necessary foods, vitamins, and all-natural supplements (See: Dopamine Foods for your daily supplementation)  to naturally increase dopamine. Once dopamine experiences a sudden increase, the body too can witness stronger, more satisfying orgasms.

What to do

Dopamine Foods - Natural Ways to Increase Dopamine Levels

Eating right is the most important way to become healthy. As the old saying goes: you are what you eat. Many nutrients found in healthy foods can help your brain chemistry and maintaining a good mental health. Dopamine is one the key... Read more
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