From O.C.D. to E.D. – When Your Condition Weakens Your Erections

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 18 - 35

OCD was preventing him from achieving rock hard erections for sex. Hear one man's story, learn the reasons for his symptoms, and find out how you can take control or you libido even when your OCD does its best to hold you back.

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OCD prevents me from having great sex. I cannot engage in sex without performing a series of eccentric, often annoying rituals to feel “ok.” And while my rituals do not really interfere with my sex life, my weak erections do. I believe that my lack of OCD rituals prevent me from maintaining a proper erection. What can I do?


Obsessive compulsive disorder is a daily struggle, which can add insurmountable challenges to every seemingly simple aspect of your life. When it comes to processes like washing your hands or quadruple-checking your locked doors, the rituals may be merely annoying. But when it comes to something as incomparably important as sex, the issue can be downright Earth shattering. After all, we can certainly agree that there is absolutely nothing in existence more important than sex (hey, we guys have always suffered from misplaced priorities).
The Causes of Weak Erection
Weak erections have nearly countless causes, but for the OCD sufferer, the problem quite often originates in the brain (doesn't everything?). Constant anxiety contributes to an over-production of stress hormones in the body, which are responsible for everything from acne to unwanted belly fat to sexual dysfunction. And even if we disregard the hormones for a moment, stress and self-consciousness can also inhibit your erections for psychological reasons.
These feelings trigger a fight-or-flight response which serves the purpose of avoiding dangerous situations. Yes, fight-or-flight responses may be extremely useful for the evolutionary purpose of not getting eaten by tigers, but when it comes to sex, we desperately wish there were an “Off” switch.
We could go on and on about the physical, physiological and psychological causes of weak erections, but the process is always the same. Your penis remains soft or partially flaccid due to insufficient blood flow. If we can zero in on that simple biological function, and find a way to stimulate blood flow despite the symptoms that prevent it, then we can improve the quality of your erections regardless of the specific imbalances or psychoses that are holding you back.
Raising the Flag
You're going to want to familiarize yourself with bizarre names like Butea Superba, Panax Ginseng, Maca and Schisandra. No, these aren't the names of elf kingdoms in some discount fantasy novel. They are natural herbs that stimulate improved blood flow to the penis while promoting improved sensitivity and libido.
Try taking an herbal remedy formulated with these ingredients, and you should notice an improvement to the quality of your erections in very little time. (TRY: Natural Formula for Erection Regeneration) Of course, you'll also want to maintain any other recommended treatments for your OCD. The symptoms will always be there, but the trick is learning how to manage them. When it comes to having great sex, it's totally worth it.

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Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration

Increase blood flow to the penis to support erections that are both weak and soft. If you suffer from venous leaks, thin arteries or vessels that constrict blood flow to the penis tissues. Read more
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