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Not Too Young For Prostate Problems

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By Perrin Rynning Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Prostate Enlargement Causes: marijuana Symptoms: prostate pain Age: 18 - 35

A veteran masturbator and daily marijuana user experiences slow urination. He also gets serious, long-term cramps in his prostate and rectum. What's going on? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you're experiencing similar problems.

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Hello. I have had prostate problems for 10 years; I’m 28 years old. I masturbate regularly and smoke weed every day. I need your help. I have a slow stream when I urinate, and also experience cramps in my rectum or prostate for a very long time.  What do you recommend for me and can this problem be healed?


You've probably got a good idea of where your bladder is, but just in case your health-care provider hasn't pointed it out, your prostate sits just underneath it and wraps around your urethra, which is the tube through which your urine and semen flow out of your penis. Your prostate also presses against your rectum, so when your prostate has swollen you may feel it back there.
Squeezing And Choking
Your prostate's major function is to produce prostatic fluid, a clear to whitish stuff that amounts to at least half to three-quarters of the volume of your ejaculate; it also produces various complex chemicals like enzymes and antigens and so on.
It can swell up like an over-inflated beach toy for various reasons. This inflammation (broadly categorized as “prostatitis”) can narrow your urethra, making it more difficult for you to pass the same volume of fluid; it can also push up on the bottom of your bladder, effectively leaving you with less time between bathroom breaks or accidents. It's very understandable that this condition would cause you stress, which would make you want to calm down in whatever way works best and fastest for you.
If you don't have the time and privacy to smoke some marijuana, you're probably already in a nice, private restroom with your penis out and in hand; a quick masturbation session won't take but a few more minutes and will help you go back out in public in a better mood... right?
You're Too Relaxed?
Marijuana and masturbation both calm you down in a couple of different ways; one effect that they both cause is by boosting your body's production of prostaglandin E-2. Prostaglandin E-2 normally makes your blood vessels larger (technically called “vasodilation”), but too much of it makes the tissues around the blood vessels (such as your prostate) swell up. Another shared technique is forcing your body to produce serotonin faster and in greater quantities than normal, which can and does reduce how much of it is available when you aren't smoking or stroking.
Time To Take A Break
Your problems are certainly inconvenient, but there are several easy solutions. The first and simplest one is to stay away from marijuana and masturbation as much as possible for at least three weeks. This will give your body time to repair the damage from these two activities; drinking healthy amounts of fresh, clean water every day will help, as well.
Your health-care provider will probably have several ideas about how you can proceed, along with an expert's eye to monitor your progress. That opinion may also help you decide if Kegel exercises will help strengthen the muscles that control your flow, because a bladder that is overactive past a certain point can be made even worse by Kegel exercises unless and until your bladder has rejuvenated back down to a certain level of performance. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Bladder and Prostate Rejuvenation) You might also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to address the problems of prostate-caused bladder problems.

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