Not Enough Juice: Stopped After One Orgasm

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She’s only twenty-seven, but is having problems experiencing multiple orgasms. After her first, her vagina becomes dry. What’s happening here?

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I am a 27 year-old woman, and I am interested in having multiple orgasms. My problem is that after the first orgasm, I become very dry. What’s wrong?


Actually, what you’re experiencing is not at all uncommon. After your first orgasm, your body is flooded with a hormone known as prolactin. This hormone is a strong sexual dampener; it’s also at work during the period in which a woman is breastfeeding. Prolactin kills the sensation in the genitals, and cuts the supply of estrogen, the hormone that controls vaginal lubrication,
How Long Does Lube Last, Anyhow?
Your vagina actually stops producing lubrication after the first few minutes of intercourse. By the time you orgasm, your body might not have made additional lubrication for some time, and during the refractory period (when prolactin is at work in the body) it will not make any more. The refractory period normally lasts between fifteen minutes to an hour for men, but women are able to overcome its plateau-like influences more quickly. However, this might not include the production of more vaginal lubrication.
Choices, Choices
So, you have a few options. Option one is to keep a supply of lube on hand for when you want to keep going, but nature isn’t helping you out. There’s nothing shameful in using lube; have you ever watched porn? Those girls certainly don’t keep pumping out the juice, they’re always having to use saliva or some other lubricant to keep going. Just a drop could cut the friction enough to continue the party. 
Your second option is to begin an herbal supplement that will increase your levels of estrogen. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Dryness Relief) Higher systemic levels of estrogen will ensure a shorter refractory period, with increased vaginal lubrication in every instance. It’s unsafe to take pure estrogen, so I’m recommending you try an herbal supplement.

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Which Herbs Help?
Some specific herbs, such as Rehmannia encourage your body to produce the hormones it requires, without putting in synthetic replacements. Rhodiola helps to combat sexual exhaustion, and restore proper chemical balances to the body—something you need if you’re trying for multiple orgasms. The body can actually be highly depleted of neurochemical signalers and some sexual hormones during sex and orgasm. In order to continue to have orgasms without a negative effect on your body, you must replenish the lost chemicals.
You also want to prevent the buildup of some specific hormones and chemicals, which can make sex less enjoyable and provide obstacles to orgasm over time. Prolactin is a huge problem in this way, and multiple or continuous orgasm can really start influencing your sex drive. As long as you maintain proper levels of estrogen, your body won’t be overcome by prolactin problems.
I think combining options one and two will provide the best treatment for your problem, and have you achieving multiple orgasms in no time!

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