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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Vaginal Insensitivity Symptoms: clitoral insensitivity Age: 18 - 35

Learn how a self-proclaimed “Oral star” has fallen from grace.

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I’ve never been an all-star at any sport. I was okay at football, I had a decent jump shot in high school, and I could maybe smack a baseball 150 to 250 feet—with an aluminum bat. Despite my dearth of athleticism, I am an oral star. What I can do with one finger, most men could only dream of with all ten of theirs. I’ve been called the lingual lover, but as of late, I’ve been demoted to a lingual loser. According to my recent partner, I no longer make her orgasm with my tongue. She says she no longer feels the same stimulation as before. What’s the problem? Is it something on my end?


As a woman, I know that the vagina is made up of a lot of intricate parts that all need their special attention. The most sensitive part however, is the clitoris.
Clitoral Exhaustion 
About 80% of women are only able to reach climax by clitoral stimulation. When a woman is being pleasured orally by her partner, nine times out of ten, she will only reach orgasm if her partner is stimulating her clitoris to her liking. It's only real downfall is too much of a good thing. If, over time, you've continued to give your partner orgasm after orgasm through oral stimulation, she might begin to experience some loss of vaginal sensitivity.
Medical professionals say this can happen sometimes if a woman masturbates more than usual before hitting puberty or if they are being sexually stimulated on a daily basis. The vagina can be a very mercurial part of the body, sometimes things happen down there that seem to come out of left field. But when a woman has lost vaginal sensitivity the message comes through loud and clear, the clitoris is exhausted. 

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A Self Pleasure Pain
The main cause of vaginal sensitivity loss is excessive masturbation. This occurs when the neuro-endocrine system becomes over-stimulated. This subsequently triggers a chronic incline on stress hormones such as dopamine or epinephrine. High levels of stress hormones are generally unwanted because of the harmful affect they have on a woman's reproductive organs. Unbalanced levels of these specific hormones could eventually lead to functional disorders of the pituitary-ovarian glands. 
What To Do
It's important to catch something like this quick because, if left untreated, the insensitivity could snowball into bigger problems. Women who experience this type of insensitivity can sometimes develop sharp pains to the clitoris during sex or arousal.
Luckily, this minor sensitivity problem can be remedied relatively simply. The best thing to do, would be to abstain from having sex for at least a week. This will give your partner's vagina time to heal without being overly stimulated. During this time of abstinence, I would recommend for your partner to utilize herbs such as Dong Quai and Mexican Wild Yam to help repair the damaged nerve endings in the clitoris. (SEE: Vaginal & Clitoral Revitalization Herbal Remedy) This will also ease the vaginal muscles and regulate the proper production of estrogen.
When you do resume having sex, try to be sure only to engage in intercourse every other day, so that your partner's clitoris does not become over-stimulated again and desensitizes.

What to do

Natural Renewal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Desensitization

Vaginal abrasion, aging, prescription drugs, birth control medications, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and poor vaginal peripheral circulation may all lead to the desensitization of the G-spot, and the vaginal and clitoral sensitivity... Read more
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