No feeling – side effects of taking erectile drugs for years

His overuse of the erectile drug resulted in penile numbness. His problem is compounded by stress in his relationship.

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I have been taking erectile drugs for over 2 years. Last month, I start noticed that my penis becomes numb and have to take more dosage to get it hard like before. I fear that this might be the side effect of the drugs. Had a quick checkup with my family doctor and was told that everything seem normal. The only thing difference between last year and this year is that I am going through a stressful relationship with my girlfriend. It’s difficult to imagine that stress could localize in my penis. Besides that, I am a 36 years healthy & handsome guy with no prior chronic illness. I do work out a lot to and keep myself in shape. I don’t do drugs nor taking any prescription drugs, beside the blue pills.


Erection drugs such as sildenafil citrate might be the culprit behind your penis numbness. Most of the time, penile numbness indicates a deficiency of acetylcholine and the spreading of collagen scars or fibrosis over the erectile tissue. Current research has shown that erection drug can cause penis fibrosis in animal study. [1]
Side Effects of the Blue Pill

Serious adverse side effects of sildenafil citrate are persistent erection (priapism), severe hypotension, myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias, stroke, and increased intraocular pressure, while common side effects include sneezing, headache, flushing, dyspepsia, palpitations and photophobia. [2][3]

There is a price to pay when taking erection drugs for a long period of time if your penis was injured or exhausted through over masturbation in the past.

The collagen inside in penis can be further damaged when erection drug forces your penis to erect without sufficient prostaglandins E-1 and E-3 to support the elasticity of erectile tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Continuous collateral damage to the penis can lead to penis fracture.  

In some situations, the erection will also induce excessive release of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2, resulting in penile pains.

Do not underestimate the effect of emotional stress on the sex organs. Any kind of physical or emotional stress, such as what you're experiencing in your current relationship, will also raise the levels of stressor hormones like prostaglandin E-2 and cortisol, leading to general inflammation, numbness, and pains.

There are many potent herbs that can help you achieve harder erection naturally. Herbs have very little known side effect and considered safe to consume without prescription. Herbs such as Damiana are good for improving blood flow to the genital area and increasing desire.  Sarsaparilla contains a testosterone-like substance for men.  Wild yam contains natural steroids that rejuvenate and give vigor to lovemaking.  Yohimbe bark expands the blood vessels in the penis, increases blood flow and nitrous oxide, which is important for achieving an erection.


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Sean McCormick posted on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 10:52
The blue pill isn't helping if you have to take more than you are supposed to. Also if you are feeling a numb sensation on your penis that is also not good because then how are you going to enjoy sex. Obviously this pill isn't cutting it so stop using it and find something else. There are plenty of replacements on here.
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