Nice and Juicy On The Inside But Dry and Nasty Outside

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A couple has been using one particular personal lubricant for years. After experimenting with a different brand, the boyfriend’s penis gets so dry that sex becomes painful. What’s going on? And more importantly, how can they fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Hello there, my boyfriend and I have been together and having sex for about 3 years now and we use the KY lube. I didn't really like it so I decided to go out and buy another lube from another brand and it caused some problems, well at least with him. My boyfriends’ penis seems to get really dry and we suspect that the new lube might have been the cause. Now when we have sex it seems like his penis gets really dry and it hurts him and puts him in pain. We skip sex until it fully heals again and then we try having sex again and it happens again. Is there any insight on why this could possibly be happening? We have suspicions about the lube but are there any other possibilities?


Sexual experimentation provides a lot of the spice that keeps a sexually-active relationship going well; at least in the bedroom. However, like most other things in life, you should proceed with a certain amount of caution. Let’s take a look below the surface to find out what might be happening.
Unwrapping The Surface
Your skin covers of about two square yards, on average, and consists of either four or five different layers. It’s strong and stretchy, helps you regulate your body temperature somewhat, and protects you from disease. It accomplishes most of this by maintaining a high level of moisture within the inner, “living” layers, and by keeping the outer “dead” layers somewhat moisture-tight with a series of oils.
Proper washing technique for all skin includes water at a comfortably warm temperature, mild soap, and a reasonable balance between “scrubbing too hard for too long” and “not enough time and effort”. Remember that scouring until your flesh is raw or even bleeding has removed the skin barrier to infection, whether you’re talking about your hands or your penis. In addition, it has also removed those useful skin oils that keep your skin from drying out, so you would be very wise to learn when enough, is enough.
Check Your Oils
What might be happening in this specific case is that the new lube (“Lube-B”) has a strong dehydrating effect on your boyfriend’s penis. An actual allergy is also possible, but you should let a dermatology-trained health-care provider make that determination. For now, I have to recommend you stop using that lube. If you do not want to go back to the stuff you had been using previously (“Lube-A”), then you should probably look into “test samples” of other brands and types when your boyfriend’s penis is back in shape.
Restoration Treatment
To help your boyfriend restore his penis, the two of you should experiment with some of these penis creams and lotions designed specifically for use on the penis. (SEE: Dry Penis Restoration Cream Formula) (Note that most of these products can be used for personal lubricants, but none of them contain spermicide.) Like new personal lubricants, you should both try a little bit on a safe area like your forearms well in advance of using it during sex; I advise you both do this because some of it is probably going to come in contact with your skin, as well, and I expect that neither of you would like to discover a sensitivity to it in the middle of lovemaking.
Beyond that, I can only remind you to follow the directions for best results, and to be patient while the skin on his penis recovers from whatever “Lube-B” happened to do to it. Given that, your sex life should be back to normal in no time. Good luck!

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