Never Say Never: He’s Not Yet Had an Orgasm, but with a Little Help He Can Overcome Weak Erections and Enjoy Sex

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Although he won’t disclose his exact age, he’s old enough to enjoy the pleasures of sex. But he can’t – that is to say he cannot have an orgasm – because of soft erections. He’s always had them, and when he tries to make love, sometimes he cannot get inside his partner. His one wish now is to feel the elusive orgasm.

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I’m not going to give you my exact age, but I am under 25 and have never had an orgasm. Don’t laugh – I’m serious. I’ve had sex before and with some pretty hot girls. But I’ve never been able to overcome my soft erections. I can get inside a girl, but if I pull out for even five seconds, I can’t get back inside because I’m too soft. Nothing I do gives me a hard, stiff erection, not even when I masturbate. Luckily none of my partners have ever said anything about my lack of hardness. Then again, I’ve never been in a long-term relationship. More than anything, I want to experience an orgasm and have great sex with a girl. What should I do?


Everybody wants great sex, and for it you need chemistry, more than a little passion and a healthy penis. This last factor hasn’t yet earned its rightful place in the spotlight, but we cannot overstate its importance. An unhealthy penis will cause all kinds of problems, regardless of your age and/or sexual desire. If you need convincing, we can help.
Problems with the Penis
Most men experience the occasional problem with achieving and sustaining an erection, but difficulties that persist more than 25 percent of the time suggest a serious complication. More than 20 million men in the U.S. suffer weak erections caused by underlying health problems. Because you’ve never had an orgasm, it’s clear you fall into this latter category.
Penis health fails men for many different reasons. One of the most common problems is with circulation, in which a lack of sufficient blood flow keeps the penis from becoming fully distended. Factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and restrictive clothing impact blood flow.
If you’re wondering why circulation is so important, here’s your answer: oxygen-rich blood nourishes the penis to keep it strong and healthy. During arousal, blood fills veins and arteries to produce firm, rigid erections. Anything that interferes with proper blood flow therefore causes weak erections that don’t last and/or don’t provide the pleasure you crave.
Some men also experience desensitized nerves that impair sexual function. Just as other tissues do, penile nerves depend on blood flow for optimal health. Without it, they don’t receive sexual stimulation the way they should. Other factors that desensitize nerves include over-masturbation, smoking and health conditions like diabetes.

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The Surprising Truth of Erectile Problems
Weak erections were once thought to be afflictions of old age. However, an increasing number of young men – those under 50 – now grapple with poor penis health. The explanations vary, but emerging science shows gum disease is one culprit. As unlikely as this seems, gum disease is caused by a lack of blood flow to the gums. Hence, men may also experience weak blood flow to the penis that prevents strong erections.
Here’s another interesting fact: a man whose female partner becomes unusually close to his buddies is 92 percent more likely to have erection problems. This relationship interference can undermine a man’s perception of his own masculinity. The connection is stronger in young men than in those who are older.
Also beware of bicycling. Over time, this long-distance sport can damage veins and arteries and cause weak erections. Last but not least, take care of your mental health. Depression takes away from libido and penis function.
Time to Experience an Orgasm
Young men rarely think about their health, but it’s time you do just that. One of the most beneficial things you can do is ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs. Sometimes, however, that nutrition can’t be found in food, and you need an extra boost from herbal supplements. Into this foray comes a tincture to improve penis health. (TRY: Weak Erection Restoration Formula)
Herbal tinctures have long and storied pasts that prove their efficacy. Healers traditionally make them with ingredients that target specific maladies. For strong, hard erections, you need a tincture that contains such herbs as Horny Goat Weed, Morinda and Lycium. This probably sounds a little like an herbal supplement, but tinctures also include alcohol to harness the full potency of all herbs. Right at home, by following a few steps, you can create this healthy beverage and at last feel the pleasures of rock-hard erections and orgasm.

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Botanical Tincture for Weak Erections

There is no doubt that a weak erection can cause a wide variety of ill-effects, including though not limited to; depression, difficulty in penetration, and inability to orgasm. Read more
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