Mysterious Massive Brown Color Vaginal Discharge

Birth control causes her brown vaginal discharge.

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I have been on birth control pills for almost 10 months.  Lately I have been having a mysterious massive brown vaginal discharge. I suspect that it’s the side effect from the pills.


Yes, dark vaginal discharge is one of the common side effects of birth control pills.  Sadly, for many women, the discharge will continue as long they're on birth control. 
Frequent spotting is one of the side effect of hormone-based birth control.
When the spotting is very small, it will stay inside the vagina and mix with cervical mucus.  When the spotting blood is oxidized, the resulting vaginal discharge becomes dark black or brown, depending on the quantity of the spotting blood and the duration it was trapped inside.  If it is trapped for too long, yeast can change its color to black or produce a bad smell.
Hormone-based birth control emulates a pregnancy state by flooding the brain with excessive progesterone and estrogen, so that your brain will think you are pregnant and then shut down your ovarian function. This results in excessive progesterone or estrogen in the uterus and cervix. When the liver fails to detoxify the excessive hormones and to fully support the synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin, you may suffer from depression, low libido and orgasmic dysfunction.
Try VRD Formula I to reverse the damaged done my birth control pills. This formula contains herbs that would also help your endocrine system to realign for normal production of essential hormones.
Refrain from normal douching.  Repetitive douching disrupts the normal organisms that live in the vagina and can actually increase your risk of vaginal infection. Instead, douche with infusions made from antiseptic herbs such as calendula, garlic, goldenseal, fresh plantain, St. John's wort, or tea tree oil, along with herbs such as comfrey leaves to soothe irritation.

What to do

VRD Formula I - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Abnormal Discharge

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sofie78885's picture
sofie78885 posted on Mon, 02/25/2013 - 11:52
Hey oceanwater, there is actually an article on here where it explains every color of discharge. I stumbled across it. According to the article yellow discharge means one of these...
  • Caused by bacterial infection
  • Itchy & burning vagina
  • Swelling & redness of the vulva
I am going to give you the link to this article as well.
Oceanwater077's picture
Oceanwater077 posted on Mon, 02/25/2013 - 11:49
So this is what the brown discharge means. I want to know what yellow means because in my life I have had it happen to me about 2 times.
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