My UTI Is Ruining My Relationship

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Learn how a woman who should be enjoying her sexual peak would rather play video games.

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Most women my age love sex. They love reaching orgasm, and the sensation it provides. But me, I love video games more than I love sex. I hate sex. I avoid sex. When my boyfriend asks for sex, I make up some random list of excuses: sick, tired, nauseated, bloated, not in the mood. Sure he gets upset, but he doesn’t experience the urinary pain that I do. Rather than telling my boyfriend the real reason I refuse to have sex, I lie. But the truth is, I cannot have sex because the bladder pain is so intense it allays all sexual desires. Now I fear he will leave me because of my continued lack of sexual desires.


I remember when I was younger, my little sister had tons of trouble with UTI's. She seemed to have them constantly, and she was always complaining about the pain. I don't know if it was because she was my little sister, and already a nag, or if I was just too young to realize the severity of discomfort she had been going through at the time. I never thought of that type of infection as being that big of a deal . . . Until I had one of course.

Bladder Infection
Just this year I experienced my first urinary tract infection, and It was definitely a big deal. I owe my sister a huge apology. The pain that I experienced was pretty unreal. Just the thought of using the bathroom during that time still makes me cringe. Luckily, I did my research and found some great natural solutions to my problem, along with some facts about the infection that were quite surprising.
No Laughing Matter
I learned that about half of all women will contract the infection at some point during their lives. The best way to prevent a UTI is by steering clear of anal sex, and practicing the front to back method of wiping when using the restroom. Most urinary tract infections are caused because of weak bladder immunity. If you've recently started a cycle of medication or birth control, these could be the more likely contributing factors.
When birth control or other prescribed medication begins to suppress essential hormones like prostaglandin E-1, E-3, and nitric oxide the tissues that run along the urethral tract are left unprotected. Abrasions in the vaginal canal and cervix start to form, and an excess of the inflammatory hormone E-2 is produced. This is how a urinary tract infection is created. The abrasions will often lead to extremely painful intercourse.
Honestly Is The Best Policy 
Though it may seem like an embarrassing notion, I would urge you to talk to your boyfriend about your UTI. Only because, if the infection stems from an sexually transmitted infection he could be at risk of contracting it from you. . .Which I'm guessing, would be even harder to explain to your significant other. 
Herbal Intervention
Many doctors and naturalists agree that the best thing for a UTI is a whole lot of cranberry. (SEE: Cranberry Remedy with Hibiscus) And I would have to agree with them. Cranberries saved my sex life this year, and I'm positive that their healing effects will do the same for you.

What to do

Cranberry Urinary Tract Infection Remedy with Hibiscus

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