My Uterus Is Doing Gymnastics

Learn how a woman in serious pain is confused and bewildered on what the cause may be.

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I have a problem with the air and the noise my vagina makes during intercourse. I read everything you had on here about it, but just some details about me are different and I thought that maybe you would be able to help me. It started after my last pregnancy. It was a c-section and I got my tubes tied. It has been 2 years and my periods are really painful and I have blood clots. The thing that is weird is sometimes if I’m bent over for too long or bend in an awkward way, my uterus contracts real hard like a "Charlie horse" and almost feels like it’s going to flip over. I really hope you don't think this sounds crazy and I really will appreciate any information you give me.


Over the course of time I've spent here at Herballove, I've had many a tubal ligation quandary come across my computer screen. Throughout this time, it's become blatantly obvious that western medicine practitioners are becoming more and more secretive or frivolous with the amount of vital information they are giving women. Many women are left unaware of the life changing side effects of having your tubes tide can cause. One of the biggest being early menopause. A woman's body could start to go through 'the change' far too early in life, all because of tubal ligation.
Tide Tubes
Having your tubes tide essentially causes your ovaries to function irregularly. It begins to mimic the perimenopause, or menopause transition. A woman will then start to feel as if she's experiencing PMS because of the dramatic increase of progesterone. What is really going on internally is quite a horse of a different color, however. The over-production of cortisol, the adrenal stress hormone, causes the ovaries to become inflamed with the rising number of accumulated eggs.
Flip-Flop Feeling
This inflammation, paired with some common vaginal looseness is most likely the source of your problems. Having your tubes tide has caused a hormone imbalance that your body can't regulate on it's own, and in turn you are suffering for it. Hormonal imbalances that last a long while will lead to a disruption of the reproductive systems' neuro-endocrine function. In order to rectify that, you should look to herbal remedies or formulas that include ingredients like Evening Primrose, Grape Seed, and Licorice. (TRY: Female Restorex Formula) When these natural herbs come together, they create an almost mythical elixir with the power to restore the organic balance of hormones. They are also great for relaxing the vaginal muscles and easing the clitoral tissues.
Work It Out
To take away that pesky air flow problem you're having down there, you should try doing some daily kegel exercises. This will help you gain more control over your vaginal muscles, and it will also make for a much better sex life. Better control over ones vaginal muscles, means less of a draft going on throughout your normal everyday life, and when you're feeling frisky too.
If you're a little foggy on how to do a kegel, don't worry, they're plenty easy. The next time you’re taking a bathroom break, try stopping the flow of your urine. If you can control it with ease, you can kegel with the best of them!

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