My Menopause Has Taken Away My Orgasm

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Learn about a woman who desperately wants to climax again, and how she can make that happen.

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I'm currently going through menopause after having a hysterectomy. I seem to experience every side effect linked to menopause, most predominately depression, and now I cannot orgasm with my husband. However, when I use a vibrator on myself I can reach climax. I'd like to enjoy sex with my husband again, please help.


Being a woman always seems to get more and more complicated the older we get. First it was puberty; our breast began to grow almost out of nowhere, and our periods sprang up one spring and it seemed like they would never end. As if monthly cramping, acne, and mood swings weren't enough...Here comes menopause.
The Curse 
Menopause, or “the change” as it is commonly referred to as, is essentially the conclusion of a female's menstruation cycle. It marks the end of fertile times, and is a completely natural part of life. Though Menopause, or premenpause is not categorized as a medical illness, the emotional toll that it causes may interrupt sleep, decrease your energy level, and trigger feelings of depression.
Pause For The Cause
In most cases menopause will begin naturally on its own between the ages of forty and fifty years old. You may notice gradually, because during this time your ovaries will produce less estrogen and progesterone. These are the hormones that control menstruation. During this remission period, your cycle will become more and more irregular. Periods will become few and far between, and after a few years, the ovaries will time-out completely. Egg production and menstruation will cease to be. 
Though the organic circle of life is the main cause of menopause, there are also some special cases that could send a woman spiraling into early menopause. When a woman has a partial hysterectomy procedure done, only the uterus will be removed. Your ovaries will still release eggs, though you'll no longer have the joy of a monthly period. Regular estrogen and progesterone hormones will also continue to be produced. However, if a woman must receive a “total hysterectomy,” both the uterus and the ovaries will be removed and menopause will begin instantly without the cushion of a transitional phase.
Herbal Help
Organic herbs such as Fo Ti, Dong Quia, and Alisma Plantago are great for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms, but don't want to live with a cloud of depression hanging over their heads. (SEE: Herbal Tincture for Menopausal Women) These herbs will bring back your once lost energy you'll need to enjoy sex again, as well as dissipate those horrible mood swings and dizziness. They will also alleviate bloat and water retention. This sensational youth elixir is able to do all of these things because it literally cleanses the blood of toxins. These herbs will return that youthful glow through better sex in no time at all.

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Herbal Tincture For Menopausal Women

During the phase of menopause, mature women experience more bodily and hormonal changes than they ever had before in their lifetime. They develop a variety of new physiological needs, some of which they’re not even aware of. Read more
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