My Love Affair With My Shower

Learn about a woman who fears she's ruined her vaginal sensitivity with her shower head, and what she can do to rectify her situation.

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I have just recently found your website while searching for answers about clitoral insensitivity. Boy, have I learned a lot. I have for the last year used the shower massager for masturbation. But before that had rarely masturbated. Now since the beginning of December, I have had a lover and find that I have very little sensitivity. It's a shame because I know my lover is very good. From what I read, I don't think I'm in third stage because I feel no pain or have any of the other symptoms - just no feeling. If I masturbate alone with a very vivid fantasy then I will eventually orgasm but it takes a while. I do not want it to be this way with my lover.


As women, there is a general understanding that our vagina's can endure a lot. Most women probably figure that if they can give birth vaginally, no shower head or vibrator could possibly do it any harm. In reality, those things can actually do a lot of damage to the nervous system within the clitoris and the rest of the outer vaginal area.
Masturbation Method
Excessive use of shower heads or vibrators may over stimulate the neuro- endocrine systems. It can also raise the levels of unwanted stress hormones such as prolactin, dopamine, and epinephrine. This elevation of hormones will have an adverse affect on the reproductive organs, and over time the hormonal imbalance will progress into pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and symptoms of sexual exhaustion.
Pituitary Interruption
Disrupting the pituitary and ovarian functions, has the same affect on the body as an organ that has been found to be toxic. It will most definitely influence the body negatively. If this condition is not treated as soon as possible the arteries will become inflamed, subsequently constricting the flow of blood to the brain. Narrowed, or a smaller sized arteries will require high blood pressure in order to pump a sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. This may result in hypertension, migraines, blurred version, sleeping disorders, ear ringing, body or joint pains, and liver and kidney inflammation.
Getting your masturbatory pleasures through outer means may also lead to a drop in essential hormones such as testosterone and DHEA. This will not be a good thing for your sex life, because a decline in these levels almost guarantees a lower libido and a less powerful orgasm.

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How To Fix It
Luckily, this lack of sensitivity can be easily fixed. Firstly, I would definitely recommend staying away from anything that vibrates for a good long while. Your clitoral nerve endings need some time to heal and rejuvenate themselves, and any use of shower heads or personal vibrators will only agitate the problem further.
The next thing would be to find a natural remedy that will help move along your vaginal blood circulation. Natural herbs such as Dong Quia, Achyranthes Root, Phellodendron Cortex, Citrus Reticulata, and Anmarrhena Rhizoma are great stimulators. (SEE: Clitoral and Vaginal Sensitivity Restoration) They are also good anti-inflammatory agents.
You may also self-promote better blood flow by eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Try staying away from red meats and fatty foods. Drink plenty of water as well. About six glasses of water each day will help your liver to flush out any toxins that may be lingering within the body.

What to do

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