My Husband Is My Rock & Love of My Life - But He Is Also Terrible At Sex

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Improving her husband’s sexual endurance

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I love my husband with all my heart. He is my rock. He is the love of my life. He is also terrible at sex. He tries hard to please me, but his lack of endurance stymies his abilities to satisfy me. A few pumps in and he ejaculates--regardless of the position or speed at which we engage in sex. I feel frustrated. I want to orgasm. I want to experience the elation associated with an orgasm. I just want to alleviate my pent-up sexual frustrations! I cannot do that without a man who ejaculates prematurely each and every time. Please, what can he take to improve his endurance!


Given your information, it appears he suffers from either a hormonal imbalance or performance anxiety. Both issues can cause severe physical and emotional problems for both husband and wife. In your husband’s case, it may be a mixture of both anxiety and hormonal imbalances that causes his premature ejaculation.

Hormone Imbalance
Sex is one giant chemical reaction. The brain triggers the release of hormones, while the hormones signal to the body to prepare for sex. Neurotransmitters relay messages to the brain to send blood, stretch the penile tissue, and release necessary pre-cum. When these signals misfire, often due to a lack of hormones or neurotransmitters, the penis will not stay hard. Instead, the penis will remain either flaccid or erections will be unsustainable. When a man experiences constant weak erections, he can start to see premature ejaculations occur.

If a man experiences excessive pre-cum, a sign of a serotonin (neurotransmitter) imbalance, he too can witness premature ejaculation. Why? Because serotonin keeps the parasympathetic nerves from opening the ejaculation valve, a lack of the hormone will lead to an excess in pre-cum that will lead to the stimulation of the penis. Over stimulation will eventually lead to an ejaculation.

He’s a Bit Anxious
The mind is a powerful tool. Too often, that tool is used against your favor instead of for it. In your husband’s case, he may feel a bit anxious about the affair of sex. It’s natural for most men to be nervous about underperformance sex act, which often caused by stress. The more he thinks about it, his heart may beat a bit faster. He may feel worried about pleasing you that he ends up ejaculating well before he should. It’s natural for men to feel such anxiety. If his premature ejaculation happened occasionally or due to stress, he can simply take herbal remedy to recover.

When the problem becomes a constant issue, then do men and women start to look for answers. Your husband needs to relax. You two need to communicate, and above all, he needs to find what makes him nervous. He needs to strengthen his ejaculatory nerves to have better control by taking herbal nourishing pills that may prevent future occurrences.

What to do

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Berkay Misir posted on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 15:59
He needs to find a way to relax his body. It is not the hardest thing to do but i've learned that self control is the one thing that works for me to control my ejaculation.
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