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Learn how an admirer from afar wishes to help his lady friend with a very personal problem.

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I got “friend-zoned” by my crush. And I have slowly accepted my fate as the “best friend.” Sure, I don’t like it. But hey, she’s got hot friends. Anyways, my ex-crush tells me all her intimate secrets. And she recently let me in on some insider information. According to her, she continues to experiences vaginal spasms during sex. She fears it may be too big for her to handle or just too rough on her. And like the best friend that I am, I want to find a solution to her problems.


I'm sure this will come to a surprise to many members of the male persuasion, but a lot of women experience this type of pain your crush has eluded to. The pain is mainly caused by a long-term use of birth control or other prescription drugs.
Vaginal Pain
This type of uncomfortably, is most common in women who take birth control specifically, because of the blatant and abrupt hormonal imbalance these contraceptives cause. Any pills, patch, injection, or ring can have this particularly painful affect on women.
I personally have had a problem quite similar to this. After the first few months of being on the pill, any sexual intercourse session that lasted longer than ten minutes would leave me in agony. Your friend is most definitely not alone in this, and she won't have to stay in the dark much longer.
Birth Control Balance
When a woman follows a regimen of birth control, over time the production of her vaginal mucus will lessen. This basically leaves your friend's vagina with that unpleasant 'high-and-dry' feeling. The pill will also have a thinning affect on her vaginal walls, leaving her even more susceptible to penetration abrasion. The hormonal imbalance occurs when birth control interrupts the neuro-endocrine receptors, and the glands that are embedded underneath the vaginal epidermis.
When the body is constantly exposed to these types of hormone-based fluctuations, our reproductive system will begin to produce excessive amounts of prostaglandin E-2. This is not good for the vagina, because prostaglandin E-2 will weaken vaginal immunity in the vagina's vulnerable state. This consequently raises the risk of infections.

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Balancing Out
The good news is, there's still time to reverse the harmful effects your friend's birth control has caused her. Firstly, I would recommend that she do away with the pill for at least six months. Studies have shown that six months is the proper amount of time it takes for any lingering traces of birth control to leave the body.
During this time of much-needed detoxification, she should find herself a natural formula that includes ingredients such as Glutinosa, and Dong Quai. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration & Hormonal Herbal Formula) These herbs have healing properties that repair vaginal tissue by way of supplying the body with nutrients that will stimulate a rejuvenation and repair of the thinning vaginal wall. Herbs like Fenugreek and Mexican Wild Yam will speed up that detoxification process by reducing the amount of harmful prostaglandin E-2, and producing the good stuff. . .Prostaglandin E-1.

What to do

Vaginal RH Formula I - Vaginal Regeneration & Hormonal Realignment For Intercourse Pain

Taking hormonal contraceptives, such as birth control pills, patches, injections, and vaginal rings, can cause intercourse pain for many women. Symptoms from prescription and infertility drugs may also contribute. . Liver strengthening and... Read more
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