My Boyfriend Has Let Me Down - Multiple Times!

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Learn how a 35-year-old man was able to sustain a firm erection and be ready for sex again faster after his initial ejaculation.

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My boyfriend and I have intense intercourse, but he requires an hour or more before he's ready to go again. He can achieve a semi-hard erection, but it's not enough for penetration. I've talked with my girlfriends, and they all say that they're men are usually ready to go again in about 30 minutes.
I love my boyfriend, and I love having sex with him, but waiting an hour or more tends to cause me to lose the mood. We're both young and healthy and don't know what could be the cause. We haven't spoken with a physician yet as this is a delicate subject we'd like to keep between ourselves. Is there anything we can do?


Any woman who's ever lost the desire waiting for her partner to regroup knows the frustration.

Women, of course, can enjoy multiple orgasms and can sustain arousal for hours. Men need substantial breaks in between. While it's true that most men under 50 can be ready to go again in about half an hour, this statistic isn't true for everyone. Many factors contribute to a man's erection after an initial ejaculation, but first let's explore the emotional impact.
The inability to please their partners in a reasonable time frame can create havoc with a man's self-esteem. The stress of this self-imposed pressure can, in fact, make it even more difficult for the man to achieve an erection. (Solution: Remedy)
Worries about work, bills, children, etc. can all contribute to a less than stellar sex life. If, however, these weak erections combined with an exceptionally long time to regroup are a regular occurrence, there may be physical causes to blame. Penile injury that inhibits blood flow, drugs, old age, improper diet and excessive masturbation could all be contributing factors. 

Weak erections and extensive recovery times can serve as warning signs of worse problems. There are, however, distinctions worth noting between a weak erection and a long recovery time. Men who suffer from weak erections can still gain an erection; they just cannot maintain it for long. Men who require an unusually long time to achieve a second erection do not experience even a weak erection while they wait to regroup.

  • Semi-hard erections
  • A totally flaccid penis following the first ejaculation for an excessive amount of time
To achieve firmer erections and be more ready for sex again more quickly after an initial ejaculation, consider some effective herbal remedies that contain these herbs:
Cistanche improves the adrenal glands damaged by age, poor diet, drugs or excessive masturbation. Cistanche provides protection to the organs from oxidative damage. And thanks to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Cistanche can improve blood circulation and can increase testosterone and micro-circulation to the penile tissues.

Cuscuta increases blood flow by producing more nitric oxide to stimulate an erection.
Cynomorium treats impotence in men thanks to the testosterone-building molecules found inside the herb.

Maca enhances arousal levels for improved erection quality during sex.
Pyrola contains kaempfer-ol-3-O-glucoside and quercetin-3-O-glucoside, chemical compounds known to improve sex drive and energy levels.
Schisandra increases the circulation and sensitivity in the genitals while enhancing testosterone production.

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