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Learn how a woman diagnosed with anemia is looking for answers to her constant exhaustive state.

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I suffer from anemia, and I was diagnosed with the condition around age fourteen. My doctor says it’s because of my heavy menstrual flow. Each month, I tend to bleed heavily, and I lose plenty of iron during this time frame. I’ve taken supplements to balance the issue, but most of these iron-based supplements make me sick. Now I have a new idea: curing the heavy menstrual flow. Anything I can do to improve my body and eliminate this annoying heavy flow?


Firstly, I'd like to let you know that I completely understand what you're going through. I too was diagnosed with anemia at a young age, and when I hit puberty things became very complicated quickly. There's nothing worse than the feeling of anemia creeping in. You feel weak and drained by mid-day and after taking iron and B-12 you have more energy, but you know you'll soon be crashing. And when your period comes around, that's when the real fun begins.
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In the past I'd experienced cramps and weakness during the first few days of menstruating that left me bedridden. Luckily, I was able to do some research early on that guided me in the right direction as far as my period was concerned. 
Anemic Explanations
When a person is classified as being anemic, it essentially means that you are red blood cell deficient. And because we need red blood cells to carry oxygen to our tissues we end up feeling exhausted. Surprisingly, there are some forms of anemia that are reversible through a simple change of diet. As I'm sure your doctor has done already, when I was diagnosed I was given a list of foods I should stay away from to prevent that weakened feeling. I believe at the top of the list was white bread. It seems to be the number one energy killer. If I were to eat a few slices of bread at any point during the day, it would practically feel as if I'd taken a sleeping pill. I quickly learned to stay away from bread.
You can also increase your energy level and thin out your heavy flow by drinking a minimum of six glasses of water a day. This will also help the body to flush out any harmful toxins via the liver. 
Diet Diet Diet
Over the years, I've come to the realization that the list my doctor gave me all those years ago of foods I should and should not eat was right on the money. Foods like soy beans, clams, and oysters are great natural sources of iron. You should also stay away from any processed meats or genetically modified foods. These types of foods will only drain your energy levels.
To minimize your menstrual bleeding, I would recommend an herbal remedy such as Shepherd's Purse. (TRY: Heavy Menstrual Flow MinimizerThis herb is often suggested to women who experience irregular menstrual cycles. It can also prevent uterine bleeding, High blood pressure, and hemorrhoids.

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Anemia, a condition in which an individual can feel fatigued even after a good night’s rest, tends to occur because of a lack of iron thanks to a poor diet. Most women with a heavy menstrual flow, however, can contract the condition even with a... Read more
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