Mr. Happy and His Story of Excess Use

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Youth Impotence Age: 18 - 35

Here we have an interesting case involving a young man who has been playing with Mr. Happy a little too much and is now unable to get things going when it’s show time in the bedroom. How can he overcome this obstacle?

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I was a late bloomer—unless masturbation at age 11 counts. And while I didn’t start having sex till I was 24, it remains one of the most pleasurable sensations I’ve ever felt in my life. And while my girlfriend and I love sex, it appears that I have a small—or rather—weakness problem. I spoke to my doctor about my current sexual problem. He recommended several pills to help me get in the mood. Except the problem is most are too expensive and I refuse to take any artificial drug. I am 25 after all, and I feel that taking any type of pill to get me in the mood is ridiculous. However, I’ve noticed all-natural supplements do work, any recommendations?


Ah, the joys of being young and horny. Hanging out in the privacy of your own place or room, getting the lube and towel out, and going at it. As we blossom from our young teens into young men, we develop many varied habits, some healthy; some not so much. And addictions to masturbation are usually formed during the late teens since the brain is still growing and more apt to develop habits; such as watching porn and playing with Mr. Happy.
Not Even a Christmas Light
Also, one’s sexual hormones are beyond percolating during this time; testosterone, dopamine, HGH, serotonin, they’re all raging out of control. As a direct result of feeling “one of the most pleasurable sensations” that you’ve ever felt, i.e. masturbating excessively, you’re now approaching youth impotence when you should be in your sexual peak.
Now envision your body as a battery; every time that you over masturbate, you drain a portion of it until the charge is so weak that you couldn’t power a tiny Christmas light, let alone a hard erection. Your aforementioned sexual hormones are gradually being drained as they are used too frequently with not enough break-time in between sessions for them to be replaced. Now you’re running around with a worn out battery and although you still crave sex, your body just isn’t charged up enough to get you going. So how do we get you recharged?
Jump Start
You can start by abstaining from sex for a few weeks. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her it’s for the greater good; that you’re on a mission to get back to the bucking bronco you once were. I’m sure she’ll support that. Another way that you can help yourself is by engaging in cardiovascular exercise. This can help to improve your blood circulation by getting your heart rate up and make your blood supply more mobile by clearing out your veins and improving their elasticity.
You are correct; taking an herbal healing supplement can indeed aid you in your recovery process, and since they are all-natural there are no detrimental side-effects. The same just can’t be said for pharmaceutical grade medications.
These ancient Chinese mixtures have a synergistic effect within your body and can not only resupply the neurotransmitters that are required to get you aroused, but also boost those all-important sex hormones that power up your erections. (TRY: Natural Erection Rejuvenation Formula) Not only that, but you’ll gradually notice an increase in your bio-energy levels, and will be able to maintain harder erections for longer periods of time. This won’t happen overnight, but with some patience and determination, you will return to the horn dog that you should be in these years of sexual prominence.

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