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A student has questions about the "Anal Breathing" Method.

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Can you explain more about the Sexual Chi-kong Exercise involving the "Anal Breathing technique."


Anal Breathing beginners should start with a simple "butt exercise." When you pee, apply light pressure to your bladder while lifting your heels and ankles up. While lifting your ankles, squeeze your buttocks against your tailbone and anus to stop peeing without contracting your prostate and PC muscles.

First Step
Basic training is to do the butt exercises outside the restroom (without peeing). Open your legs to the same width as your shoulders in a natural standing position and apply light pressure against your bladder without leaking. Periodically contract your buttocks against your tailbone until your tailbone is warmed up.

Second Step
After you get accustom to the butt exercises, you can start to synchronize butt contraction with each inhalation. When you inhale, you lightly pull up (or contract) your anus-tailbone muscle toward your spine so that you can feel air being sucking into your anus. The anal air suction is just a trick called "Anal Breathing."
A lot of beginners may contract the anal muscle too hard so that contraction affects the prostate or PC muscles. Here, the anal breathing method considers the anus as dividing the prostate-PC (perineum or pelvic floor) muscle and the anus-tailbone muscle.

Third Step
Once your anal and tailbone muscle can automatically respond during sexual stimulation, your anus-tailbone muscle will start to contract in response to each inhalation. You will no longer need to squeeze your buttocks anymore. You can stand up, lie on your back, or sit down to circulate the sexual energy with each inhalation.

What to do

The Method of Anal Breathing

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benjaminXT posted on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 11:57
I really didn't understand it too much either. This discussion really explains it more thouroughly. Glad someone got the courage to ask the question.
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