Mood Swings Are Going to Leave me Single!

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Every month women of all ages succumb to the treachery of PMS and menstruation. The effects take a toll on not only our bodies, but also our partners.

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Can you recommend anything for PMS? I am 33 years old, and my mood varies during menstruation. I have dealt with mood swings for years, but now my fiancé is getting fed up with my instability. I would like to stabilize my moods. Any thoughts?


If I had a magic cure, I would try it myself! Every month my husband and kids fear me for my unstable mood. I get angry. I cry at the sight of sad animals in kid commercials. And it’s unfortunate there isn’t a magic pill to take. However, you can minimize the change in mood, an outcome your fiancé will appreciate. First though, let’s go through why this happens to us every bloody month.
The Science Behind The Misery:
Bloating, irritability, fatigue, pain and nervousness are common symptoms of menopause. We all know how it happens, but why does it happen? Hormones fuel our sex drive, mood and mental stability. And as mammals who lay eggs, our ovaries play a vital role in our mood.

When the ovaries plant an egg in the uterus, one of two things will happen: either the egg will get fertilized, or it will cycle out of the body. The days before the releasing of an egg, the hormones begin to fluctuate, causing PMS symptoms.
Relief In Healthy Eating
Diet plays an important role in the way our bodies react to hormonal changes. When we eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium, the body can experience a reduction in cramps, bloating and irritability. Foods and supplements that contain phytoestrogen, meanwhile, can help curb instability too. Diet’s best friend—exercise—can prove helpful at minimizing stress as well. 
Closest Thing To A Magic Pill:
Finding the right herbal remedy for your body will make a big difference. There are so many choices, and each one has amazing benefits. Finding a combination that works for your body and symptoms is the first step. If irritability is your worse problem, find a supplement containing Dong Quai, which balances hormones and calms nerves.

Dong Quai contains plant estrogens or phytosterols to regulate the hormones rampaging in your body. When you combine it with other herbs such as Black Cohosh, Mexican Wild Yam or even Vitamin B-6 (SEE: natural remedy for PMS), it can have amazing effects to alleviate your PMS problems.

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Natural Phytoestrogen PMS Relief

Many herbal plants contain natual, estrogen-like compounds called phyto-estrogens that are thousands of times less potent than human estrogen and easily degraded in the body. These phyto-estrogen compounds actually circulate in the blood at levels... Read more
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