Modern Woman, Moisture Deprived Vagina, Should She Blame Birth Control?

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You’re a Sophisticated Woman. Up-to-date on sexuality. In-touch with your body. Well? Why does your vagina seem so dry? You’re too young for this?! Can’t be the birth control? Can it?! What other options do you have? Why so dry?

Case #: 


Kayla is a young woman, barely 30.  She’s orgasmic in fact. She has no problem achieving orgasm. However, Kayla’s vagina has been on a moisture strike for about 4 years. Coincidently, Kayla has also been using birth control for about 4 years. She doesn’t want to automatically point the finger at her progestin based birth control.  Are there other possible reasons? Instead of using lubrication, Kayla would like to return to a naturally lubricated state. Is this possible?


A good balance of estrogen in the body keeps your vagina well slicked. Estrogen is a sex hormone that helps out in the reproductive cycles and helps to create the wonderful female body parts ladies have.  

The Power of Estrogen
A number of factors can reduce the estrogen levels in the female body.  Daily life factors include stress, a bad diet (take a realistic look here), and cigarette smoking.
Physical factors that may deplete estrogen include anything involving trauma to the sexual areas of the body such as childbirth, breast-feeding, removal of the ovaries, and menopause.
Interestingly though, immune disorders and cold medications can reduce estrogen; as well as allergies and anti-depressants.
But there are other hormones such as progesterone which by having a lack of, can also lead to a dry vagina. Again, we look to the proper balance of hormones. The proper balance of hormones differs from woman to woman.
Sometimes a good guide to vaginal dryness is nice to consult for details.
Progestin-based Birth Control
Progestin can cause your liver system to go out of whack. Unable to properly detox, the liver may not release the enzymes your neurotransmitters need for your body to deal with your hormones properly. The liver may produce extra SHBG proteins causing testosterone to stall. Progestin can also increase your cholesterol level.
The Delicate Dance of Hormones
Let’s talk Birth-Control.  Birth control is awesome. It keeps everything in check. It’s controllable.
If your hormones are being manipulated or monitored by birth control let’s just check in for a second.
Birth control was created in a laboratory. Not in nature. And there are several different kinds available each with different levels of hormones. It is not that birth control is the bad guy for vaginal dryness, but if you have eliminated the rest of the options above it might be worth it to check back in on your birth control pills. 
If you like birth control pills, you like them. However, finding a different type with a different level of estrogen may help to get the proper balance of estrogen back in your body.
You may decide to switch birth control pills, or methods. 
Other options to balance your hormones are available that are not birth control pills include natural herbal complexes such as the advanced botanical formula for vaginal dryness in which the herbal blends help to stimulate the endocrine system to restore a balanced hormonal level. 
This can be useful to transition off of birth control pills to restore a more balanced estrogen level in addition to another form of hormone-free birth control. 
Good Luck with this new found information and in re-hydrating your vagina!

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Advanced Botanical Formula for Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness, common among women of all ages, worsens with age. Soy Isoflavones, Rhodiola, Muira Puama, Shilajit, Cistanche, Morinda, Milk Thistle, and Suma (Pfaffia Paniculata) found in this formula replenish and help the endocrine system to... Read more
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