Missionary Impossible – When the Sex Fizzles Out

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Weak Erection Age: 36 - 55

When his wife returned from vacation, the sex was on. And I mean ON. But after a couple of weeks, it got to be too much, and the man's desire fizzled out. How does this happen? Learn the facts.

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My wife returned from a two-month trip overseas and when she got back we were both pretty horny.  We had a lot of sex the first few days -- probably four or   five times a day.  I tried to keep going, but after a couple of weeks I guess I burned out.  Now it's been about two weeks and I seemed to have lost my desire and can't get it up for very long.  Is this normal?


On behalf of men everywhere, we need to get your libido back on track. This isn't just for you, but for every man who ever had to sit at home alone watching Cinemax on a Saturday night. This is for every man whose wife ever said, “Not tonight...I have a headache.”

This is for every man who ever looked forward to his birthday because he knew it would be one of his only chances for sex. If you're able to have sex with your wife multiple times per day, this is something that should be cherished, lauded and embraced. If low sex drive and weak erections are getting in the way, we need to do something about it. 

So What's Going On Here? 
Unfortunately, there are no simple answers, because there may be multiple variables at work. For instance, are you getting a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night? Have you been under a lot of stress? Has your diet gone south? Have you been feeling depressed lately?

These factors can all contribute to sexual fatigue and even weak erections, so take a look at your lifestyle and see if your own habits may be to blame. If none of these issues sound like they apply to you, we may be dealing with sexual exhaustion. 
Testosterone is the hormone that gives a man his sexual potency. Every time you have sex, your body dips into the testosterone reserve, ultimately reducing the supply. If your testosterone doesn't have ample time to replenish itself, you may end up with a deficiency. As a result, your erections become weak and your sex drive heads south for the winter.

If you're masturbating in addition to having all this sex, I would advise you to stop, but if your exhaustion seems to be from the sex alone, you don't necessarily have to push your wife out of bed. There are solutions that can help you restore your hormone levels more quickly. 
Time for a Jump Start 
Herbs aren't just for memory loss, you know. Herbs like Cuscuta and Fo Ti will help you to replenish your testosterone more quickly, while Damiana and Ashwagandha are known to promote fertility and improved sex drive (SEE: sexual exhaustion & low libido recovery herbal treatment). You can find botanical solutions that contain all of these herbs and more. I would recommend trying one while the fire is still hot. Enjoy the sex, my friend.

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