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Migraines – Caused by Over Masturbation

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: headache Age: 36 - 55

Here’s a case study involving a woman who has been experiencing splitting headaches as a result of being sexually exhausted. How can she find a way to stop these debilitating pains?

Case #: 


I am a healthy 45 year old female. But lately, starting about a month ago, I have been experiencing severe pain in my neck and shoulder area before I reach orgasm.. As a matter of fact the pain in my neck becomes so intense that all I can see is a bright white light and it feels like my brain is being pulled out of the base of my skull, at the time I am starting to climax. Thus, no cookies for me. It takes several minutes before the pain subsides enough for me to even talk.


An avid film fan my entire life, a friend of mine suggested a movie to me the other day called Scanners. It was truly an 80s hidden gem directed my David Cronenberg which told the tale of a group of evil telepaths that were bent on global domination through the use of mind control to achieve their ends. Not only could they take over someone’s mind but they could also strip them bare and even attack the brain directly with telekinetic powers.
I’m Losing My Head!
In one particularly vicious showdown between the hero, who was a good scanner, and the main villain who of course was evil, the good guy used his innate mental powers to blow the bad guy’s head clean off. It was pretty brutal and not for the faint of heart. While I haven’t ever experienced pain from a headache as you described it, after watching that film I can guess it can a pretty similar experience to feeling as though your head will explode.
Fortunately, the cause isn’t as dramatic or as grisly as being attacked by a Scanner. If fact, the condition comes about internally rather than some external threat. Normally during sex or masturbation the body converts glutamine into GABA.
However when you masturbate or have too much sex without proper rest between sessions, your body lacks the resources to do this resulting in low levels of GABA, resulting in a spike in stress hormones and glutamate. This increase in turn releases too much cortisol which is an inflammatory hormone, and as a result locks up your pituitary-adrenal function, leading to the carotid arteries in your brain being constricted. The result = lots of migraine pain. So what can be done to prevent this from happening?
Healing From Within
You’ve sexually exhausted yourself which can lead to mood swings, loss of sleep, feeling worn-out and tired, unfocused, and of course the aforementioned crushing headaches. Take a break from sex and masturbation until your headaches go away since these are just leading to further exhausting your body and mind.
One thing that can really get you back on track is taking a natural botanical remedy. These powerful mixtures can not only help to promote blood flow to your brain, but can also calm your body’s inflammation and decrease the constriction of your blood vessels by lowering your cortisol and prostaglandin E-2 levels. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Headaches) This helps to elevate your bio energy and cognitive/mental abilities (although not to Scanner levels) and also serves to inhibit the release of prolactin, which can interfere with healthy hormonal production. Eventually your headaches will stop and you will feel like you have your head back again.

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