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Messy Misfires & Wasted Bullets—The Battle With Prostatitis

This gentleman has been experiencing some pain in his pelvic and anal regions and through some further investigation has correctly pinpointed it as being an issue pertaining to his prostate. Now he wants to figure out how to rid himself of the pain, and we’re here to help...

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Okay, I need your help. I am 28 years old and have been masturbating since I was 11 years old. I had pain in my pelvis and anus area after ejaculating a few times and I didn't know why this was happening to me. As I got older and older I started to notice that it would happen more frequently and now it happens almost every time I have sex. Now that I'm older and wiser I think this problem might be directed right at my prostate gland because I masturbated too much. I might even have prostatitis. Do I have to go to the doctor or can I take care of this prostatitis myself?


Breast cancer awareness is everywhere one looks. We are bombarded by daily advertisements, ads in lifestyle magazines and other publications, ever-present TV commercials, billboards, online; heck, I even got an intrusive popup while browsing on my computer the other day.
Is it a worthy cause? Of course it is; but not to the exclusion of prostate problems. Whereas in this increasingly feminized and politically correct society you’ll see such aggressively obnoxious things as grown men wearing pink football (and other sports) jerseys, you’ll see no equal consideration for male issues. No special ribbons on the back of every other vehicle on the road, no special public service announcements, nothing. Pretty peculiar, huh?
And the clincher is that for some bizarre reason prostate cancer research receives only a fraction of what goes into funding for breast cancer, even though the chances of suffering from it is equal.
Unnecessarily Mysterious
You mentioned yourself that you didn’t know until you were “older and wiser” what was going on, and an awareness of your prostate. Likewise, I didn’t even know what a prostate was until later on since there was hardly anything about it out there.
Prostate disorders are more common than we think and men can get an infection from a bacterium which inflames the prostate gland. The urethra may also become infected along with your prostate, and you may exhibit symptoms such as an increased frequency of urination, a burning sensation when doing so, and also pain while masturbating.
A more common cause is chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) AKA prostatodynia, which is non-bacterial in nature. This disorder can simply be brought on when your endocrine and neurological systems get out-of-whack, and can cause pain to spread outward from your prostate to you penis, testes, anus, bladder, and entire pelvic area.
So how do you get this unwanted pain to go away?
Correct the Pain, Then Enhance the Pleasure
First, we cover how to rid your prostate of pain, and then we’ll touch on how you can actually stimulate it in order to experience more pleasure during sex.
Think of when you have had a wound that was festering and you had to squeeze some nasty-looking pus out of it in order for it to properly heal. Well, you can also provide the same affect to an infected prostate by massaging it. (SEE: Instant Prostate Pain Relief Massage) This method, when properly performed, can squeeze the built-up dead prostate cells and puss out and away from your prostate. It can also vastly increase the circulation of fluids needed to repair your prostate, and cause swollen glands to shrink and the pain to go away.
Now here’s a way that you can experience not only heightened pleasure but also de-rail future infections from occurring in the first place. There are stimulating devices available which, when worn correctly, applies pressure upon a man’s prostate. (SEE: Prostate Massagers for Prostate Pain Relief) Since the prostate is considered by many to be the man’s “g-spot” it can promote not only enhanced sexual pleasure, but a moan-inducing orgasm at the finish line, and one happy sex partner.
Have fun with it; go to a sex shop with a partner and pick out one that you think would “fit” you (okay, pun intended). Then you can experiment with it and see what position, angle, sexual positions, etc. get you off more; not right there in the store however, you might want to make sure you get home first!

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