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Her menstruation has increased in strength in the past month. She wonders what the cause is. Having been married for twenty-two years, perhaps she is now entering the next epoch of womanhood: menopause.

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My husband and I have been married for 22 years and we never knew that there were answers to our problems. We followed some advice on the website and my husband is now the proud owner of a penis which has grown 1/2 inch longer and wider in the matter of 1 month. Now we have started facing another problem. I have always had a very heavy menstrual flow during my period, and this month it seems to have increased more than in the previous months.


It seems as though you are entering into perimenopause, the period before menopause when menopausal symptoms may start to emerge. Heavy bleeding during your menstruation is known as menorrhagia, and occurs in about twenty percent of women aged forty to forty-four. Obviously, I have no way of knowing your exact age, but having been married for twenty-two years, I feel you probably fall into that category.
Strong Flow, Poor Balance
It’s commonly thought that menorrhaggia occurring during perimenopause is the result of an imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Because progesterone production in the ovaries is disrupted during this time, occasionally a female will experience too much estrogen and not enough progesterone.
Estrogen causes the growth of the endometrium—the uterine lining—and without enough progesterone this lining can grow thicker than usual. This thick tissue is also more unstable than a normal, thinner endometrium, so you might not have much warning between cramping and when your period actually starts. All that tissue has to go somewhere, and when the time comes for your menstruation, it will be heavier, and possibly longer, than usual. To control the heavy flow, you simply must reverse the imbalance of hormones, and the problem will solve itself.

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Other Issues
Is heavy flow the only problem you’ve been noticing lately? Low progesterone can cause a host of other issues in menopausal and perimenopausal women, such as headaches, hot flashes, and panic attacks. The reason for these symptoms is rooted in how your brain uses progesterone, and its converted form, cortisol. We don’t need to go into why it happens now, but if you are experiencing any of these, increasing your progesterone will definitely help.
Herbs to Heal
Because you’ve only mentioned one issue, I’d recommend beginning an herbal supplement featuring the specific hormones: Black Cohosh, Mexican Wild Yam, and Fenugreek. These hormones, especially Black Cohosh, have been helping women with hormone related problems for eons. Black Cohosh contains phytochemicals that can act as progesterone inside the body, without being a true hormonal supplement. It’s highly recommended as a solution to women suffering from excessive hot flashes, because it works so powerfully within the body.
The herbal compound I’m suggesting for you is meant to help with excessive vaginal discharge, but it does so by adjusting the female hormone structure to keep estrogen and progesterone in proper balance. (TRY: Natural Formula for Excessive Vaginal Discharge Relief) The presence of phytochemical-rich herbs means you’ll notice an immediate result in your heavy flow, but the inclusion of several other purifying herbs helps to align your hormones properly for long-term satisfaction.
I’m so glad you’ve found the solution to one of your problems, now find relief with another of our products!

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