Menopausal Melt-Down

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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Low Sex Drive Menopause Symptoms: hot flashes Age: 36 - 55

Learn of a man seeking answers to his wife's menopausal woes.

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I'm really writing about my wife today. She is fifty and approaching that point in life when her physical and hormonal makeup is changing. She suffers from night sweats and is losing interest in sex. Can you recommend any of your products that may help?


I think one of the most dreaded times in a woman's life is when she realizes she's hit menopause. However, I'm baffled on why that is. At this point in my life, getting to live out the rest of my days without having to worry about cramps that bring me to my knees sometimes, and being sure I don't leave the house without a purse full of tampons sounds amazing.
The Change
I do understand that on a psychological level, it could be very tough. Some women might not feel as if they are complete women anymore. As women I'm sure we all grow up with this understanding that our bodies are forever changing, and menopause is just another drop in the bucket of life by the time it comes around.
Low Libido
A noticeable decrease in sex drive is a woman's body's typical response to what is going on inside of her during premenopause. This occurs in a lot of women because the well balanced levels of estrogen and progesterone take a significantly large drop once menopause hits. Estrogen is like a woman's sex super juice. It is the key sex hormone that makes us feel pleasant sensations during sex and four play. It also controls vaginal lubrication. If, and when these levels start to decline, many women will start experiencing noticeable symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and loss of libido.
You Still Got It
During this time, it can be hard for a woman to feel as if she is still viewed as a sexual or a desirable being. It is your job as a husband to be sure that she knows you still fancy her as much as you did before the horrid change set in. With your support, the transition into her new faze in life will be much smoother.
Healing Foods
Along with some herbal intervention, there are also some specific foods out there that can help the transition along. Foods like; lean meat and fish, tofo, soy milk, almonds, and oysters are great sources of zinc, soy proteins, and magnesium which are all natural sex boosters.
Herbal Help
There are also some herbs out there like Mulberry, Catuaba, and Muira Puama that can help to rectify estrogen deficiencies. (TRY: Libido Revival for Menopausal Women) They will also build the libido back up to where it once was by overseeing the proper secretion of DHEA, estrogen, and progesterone, and decrease the harsh symptoms of menopause.

What to do

Young Again - Revive Passion for Menopausal Women

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause cause female sex hormones that control libido to fluctuate at different times. In fact, the balance of estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, testosterone, and DHEA becomes altered the most during peri-menopause... Read more
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