Mayday in the Va-Jay-Jay – An Alternate Method of Douching

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Women's Vaginal Infection Age: 18 - 35

A woman has been douching the old fashioned way, which is getting her old fashioned results, that is to say: irritation. Let’s see if we can provide her with a healthier alternative.

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Hi there, a girlfriend of mine came across your website and told me that you have a wealth of knowledge for both men’s and women’s sexual dysfunctions and how to take care of them.
I was wondering if you could shine some light on something for me. I use a mixture of water, vinegar, and chemicals to douche with, but lately it has been causing me irritation. Is there another way that I can douches? Thanks much!


Crackers, breadsticks, and pretzels. Cookies, cakes, and donuts. Pizza crust, buns, bagels, and rolls…even alcohol beverages. What do all of these things have in common? They all contain yeast. People with an intolerance to yeast have to avoid these types of foodstuffs since consuming them can severely compromise their immune systems.
Common but Potentially Harmful
Yeast is part of the fungi kingdom, and although there are over a thousand types of fungi, only a few types of yeast are found in food. There is also another kind which is found within…[drum roll] a woman’s vagina. If a woman eats too much yeast in her food intake will she get a yeast infection? Highly unlikely.
That is because there the vagina produces a natural defense grid in the form of corrosive acids which burn through and eliminate harmful yeast build-up before it can become a threat. But what happens if it can’t and those systems fail?

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Adding Fuel to the Fire
If there is the odd chance that a woman experiences a breach in her bodily yeast defenses, her vagina can become compromised and infected, resulting in pain and discomfort. In order to prevent that from happening, many women douche using a combination of water, antiseptics, and vinegar.
This common mixture can sometimes provide favorable results and a woman can see her symptoms go away. Other times however, this mixture can cause further irritation and instead of helping to heal the vaginal infection, it just exacerbates it. A woman can think she is doing the right thing and keeping everything safe and sanitary when in reality she’s just pouring fuel on a four-alarm fire! So how can this be prevented from happening?
An Easy Shift
Instead of using something that can be potentially harmful to your body, try using a mixture which contains non-alkaline soaps. (SEE: Safe Ways to Prevent & Desist Vaginal Infections) The following method of cleaning and mixture gives you a safer and more sanitary option for douching:
  • Fill the douche with room room-temperature water since hot or even cold water can cause harm to the delicate tissues within the vagina as well as upset a woman’s pH levels.
  • Mix in a non-alkaline soap – these are much safer for the vagina and unlike the antiseptic/vinegar/water mixture, they won’t irritate and cause harm within the vagina. They also don’t interfere with a woman’s natural pH levels, therefore ensuring that harmful yeast and other bacteria’s are kept at bay.
So put out that fire before it even gets started and take care of your va-jay-jay, you only have one so look after it!

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