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A loving husband wants to please his wife the way she requests. He suspects that her extensive vibrator use has left her with decreased sensitivity in her clitoris. What's happening? More importantly, can it be repaired? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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My 39 year old wife and I have just been married for a little over 9 months. She has explained to me that she needs deep penetration in order to achieve an orgasm. I want to be able to thrust harder and last longer because I get so excited that I don't last as long. Could her not being able to achieve an orgasm be due to the fact that she used a vibrator on her clitoris for a long time and I think it was long enough to numb her out of any clitoral stimulation. When I read through this site I realized that this might be her problem and the reason behind her not be able to orgasm. Please, is there any way to get her numbness to go away?


The human neural network transmits signals from the body to the brain by means of neurotransmitters; very special biochemicals that move between the ends of the cells within the nerves. The nerves can transmit very weak signals as well as very strong ones, but they will change if they keep receiving the same kinds of stimulation over a long period of time.
The Lady's Been Burnt Out
Your wife may have only needed minimal stimulation to achieve orgasm when she first started using her vibrator, but over time her neurons may have become damaged. She would then have needed to apply stronger stimulation over a longer period of time to achieve the same effect, which would have caused more damage, and so on.
Check The Mechanism
To be fair, there are a few other possible causes of your wife's orgasm difficulty. Prescription drugs, including certain birth-control methods, may be causing side-effects. If she has ever given birth or had a caesarean section, there may still be unaddressed neural damage; her parasympathetic neural net may not be producing enough nitric oxide to bring her clitoris and associated spongy tissues in her urethra to a fully-erect state.
She may be suffering from low hormone levels, especially testosterone but possibly also including prostaglandin E-1. Both sexes need testosterone to help fuel sexual activity and other important health functions); prostaglandin E-1 enhances body tissues' ability to “snap back” into shape after being bent or stretched. She may also be suffering from too much prostaglandin E-2, which makes blood vessels dilate but may also cause undesired inflammation in various other tissues.
I would recommend that she discusses her situation with her health-care provider at her earliest convenience. If nothing else, she would have a better idea of what approach would most effectively restore her sexual pleasure.
Reawaken The Sleeping Clitoris
Your wife may experience an improvement in her clitoral sensitivity if she takes a break from stimulating it. For men recovering from excess masturbation, the break may need to last three solid weeks, but your wife's health-care provider should be able to determine how long is appropriate for her particular case.
Please reassure her that her clitoral over-stimulation only desensitized her clitoris after a long time, and repairing it will take a little time, too. While the two of you are waiting for her to recover, you might consider improving her diet to include higher amounts of zinc and B-Complex vitamins, as her tissues need lots of these nutrients to regenerate properly. Zinc is found in most meats and spinach, while dairy products and whole grains will cover many of her B-Complex needs, but you should do your own research to find the foods that appeal the most to you both.
She should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to address the most common root causes of clitoral insensitivity. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Restoration & Sensitivity Enhancement) Aside from re-balancing levels of hormones like the prostaglandins and Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the formula encourages blood circulation in her clitoris and the nerves connected to it. This will help get the hormones and nutrients where her body needs them, and will encourage tissue regeneration.
With diligent effort and patience, your sex life will be as good as it ever was in no time at all. Good luck!

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