Masturbation Feels So Good, But Too Much Has Harmed This Woman’s Mental and Physical Well-Being

She has never experienced an orgasm with a partner, although she’s brought herself to climax innumerable times with masturbation. She enjoys sex but no longer desires a partner – she wants only her moments of self-pleasure. After almost 20 years of indulging with her vibrator, her clitoris is desensitized and she’s ready to experience the pleasures of making love.

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Hi, I am a 31-year-old woman who have never had an orgasm from a partner. I like to have sex, but I don’t get turned on by the thought of sex or my partner. I can make myself orgasm with a vibrator, which I have done so much that my clit is not as sensitive as it used to be. That’s how I found your site, doing research on my “worn out clit.” Do you know why I don’t get horny? The only time I crave sex is when I am watching some kind of porn, and even then it’s not sex that I crave, but my vibrator. I have been masturbating since I was about 12 years old. I actually broke my own hymen. I didn’t know what it was at the time, all I knew is that it hurt very much. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I had broken my hymen. Maybe I’m just sexually warped, but why do I not get horny for a partner? I hope my question is not too graphic. Thanks.


Some of the effects of masturbation are readily apparent: it makes you feel good, releases tension and helps you explore your body. These benefits are so healthful that many health care providers encourage masturbation. But too much of a good thing can be bad, as you are already experiencing.
The Most Sensitive Part of Your Body: The Clit
It’s no secret that stimulating the clit can send a woman to the high heavens of ecstasy. This organ is indeed made for pleasure; it contains more than 8,000 nerve endings all concentrated in one relatively small area. On top of this, the clit is designed for nothing other than sexual pleasure – it serves no function beyond stimulation.
But the clitoris is not a hearty organ. It is fragile enough to have its own hood that helps protect all those nerves from constant stimulation. That hood, however, offers little safety when it comes to sexual pleasure.
The clit requires touch to bring a woman to orgasm. During masturbation, some women use their fingers while others prefer a vibrator. Repeated and/or excessive application of either can dull the nerves and cause some temporary loss of sensation. But because masturbation feels good, most women forego these warning signs and continue to pleasure themselves.
Chronic over-masturbation can cause complete insensitivity throughout the clit. This means no technique, even the tried and true vibrator, will bring pleasure because the nerves are numb. Some women at this point even experience pain when they try to pleasure themselves – their genitals have become so raw they cannot withstand any touch, however delicate it may be.
Over-Masturbation and Sexual Desire
No problem exists with masturbation, per se. It is a normal and healthy activity engaged by both men and women. But it can cause a preoccupation when engaged too much. That preoccupation has to do with your perception of sex and how you want to be gratified.
You can look at masturbation as having two different sides: with the first, a woman takes her time and sensually explores her body. She learns to appreciate her form for what it is and develops real self-love. The other side, however, is purely carnal and involves nothing more than a woman touching herself in just the right spot to climax. It is not a slow and sensual experience, but rather a mindset that can create addictive tendencies.
Unfortunately, the ease of climax afforded by masturbation can make women turn away from intercourse. They no longer want the complexities required of making love, including gratifying their lover and giving thought to technique. You yourself have fallen into this trap, whereby you don’t want sex but do want to “get off.” Masturbation is your go-to for this release because intercourse doesn’t hold the same promise.
Rejuvenate Your Sexual Passion
Right now would be the ideal time to take a break from masturbation. Both your mind and body need a break. You can use this respite to explore intimacy with your partner. It may take some time, but learning to look at sex as an opportunity for closeness, instead of merely a way to orgasm, will help you once more enjoy it. Light some candles, play soft music and be patient – sex isn’t a race.
Having said that, passion is key to any great sexual experience. You can revive yours with an all-natural herbal formula designed just for women. (SEE: Clitoral Sensitivity & Passion Regeneration) Herbs work with the body to restore sensitivity to nerves and repair damaged tissues. They also improve desire so that, before long, your penchant for hot and tumultuous sex will far outweigh your longing for masturbation.

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