Male Vibrators Can Massage Your Penis to Death: Find Real Ways to Enlarge and Strengthen Your Penis

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Experimenting with a vibrator has left him with a long-term problem affecting his length. Now his penis only gets erect over half of its length and his sensitivity has been reduced. What happened? And more importantly, how can he fix it? Read on, get the facts, and discover helpful responses to similar injuries.

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I'm a 23 year old man suffering from excessive masturbation symptoms and also vibrator damage. I have been masturbating since age 8 and used a vibrator for a few months in college. Over the years, one thing I've noticed is that whenever I have an erection, blood seems to be under lots of pressure to pass the upper region of my glans penis. The lower half of my penis is unaffected, but I am able to notice loss of sensation are affecting my erections. It seems my penis has shrunk and I want it back to normal size. I'm suspecting scar tissue on the top of my penis head that is impeding erectile blood flow which affects my sympathetic nervous fire.


Despite all the attention lavished on it around the world and throughout history, it's still not common to encounter an ordinary citizen who really understands how the penis works.

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Summary: He used a penis vibrator to improve his erections and size, but what he discovered were penile injuries, pain and shrinkage. Find out how he reversed his injuries and learned of a real way to enlarge his vital organ.
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Deceptive Dearth Of Damage
Guys use it to direct the flow of urine, brag about having a large erection and sometimes blame it for getting them into trouble. Building on a different popular misconception about the penis, there are neither bones nor muscles nor brain cells inside it. You can't make it bigger by “exercising” it like your arms, and it can't actually make you do anything, though certain hormones produced in the scrotum can have measurable effects on your moods.
Likewise, guys have been masturbating for a very, very long time, with or without additional tools; the oldest known dildo-like object on record dates back 30,000 years. Your vibrator is essentially nothing more than a technical refinement of a class of objects that has been in use since before the Sphinx was even designed.
However, when you mix general ignorance of how something works with attempts to achieve physical gratification with that thing, the odds of injury dramatically increase. In your case, it's quite possible that  your vibrator did cause the damage you describe to the tissues beneath the skin without leaving external marks, leaving you with an incomplete erection.
Examining The Mechanisms
Your erection occurs when blood gets forced into highly porous tissues contained in tubes running the length of your shaft, and kept there until you ejaculate or otherwise allow the blood to escape. The corpus cavernosum is actually a pair of tubes on the left and right side of the penis. The corpus spongiosum sheathes your urethra to keep it from collapsing under the pressure of erect cavernosa and to permit the free flow of ejaculate. It's possible to damage one of the two cavernosua without damaging the other, which is the usual cause of significant curvature to the side in an erection.
As the blood flows from the base of the penis up to the tip and then back again with several vessels branching off along the way, your theory that internal scar tissue is affecting your erection past a certain point on its length seems very reasonable; otherwise-undetected scarring is often the cause of erectile dysfunction, be it soft erections or shrinkage or other problems.
Down For Repairs
You have several options for addressing your issue.  As always, we encourage you to consult a health-care provider, to get an expert's eye in helping you monitor your current condition and any changes while you treat it. You can start your self-treatment with basic lifestyle changes like increasing your intake of zinc and B-complex vitamins, which are the nutrients your penis needs to maintain itself. Similarly, a moderate exercise program can enhance your testosterone levels, which will give your erections and confidence additional support.
You may consider taking this all-natural herbal supplement, designed to enhance erections. It works by reducing scar tissue inside blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation throughout your genitals, giving all the cells better access to the nutrients they need to thrive. (SEE: Penile Blood Flow Enhancement & Growth) It also strengthens the various hormone-producing glands, increasing your levels of testosterone and other erection-enhancing compounds, and even assists with repairing tiny leaks in the veins and arteries that may be quietly sabotaging your erections.
In the end, your best and most effective response to your injury is to address it with patience and diligence. Your body can accomplish amazing feats of recovery, but the healing process progresses most effectively when you give it the raw materials it needs and let it work at its own pace.

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roberthal posted on Sun, 02/26/2017 - 04:27
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vinsmary posted on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 07:06
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Venita Radford's picture
Venita Radford posted on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 12:12
my boyfriend and i use vibrators all the time and we don’t have any problems. it feels good, and we both cum, so whats the problem? we have a vibrating cock ring, and we share my buzzers on each other. i’m not sure i can cum without using a vibrator, so it’s better to keep doing it, i think. its lucky that i can cum at all…there is tons of ladies who can’t!

my question is: can i use this medicine to grow my boyfriends penis? he is normal sized right now, but i want him to be huge! i love watching vids of ggiant guys. how much bigger can he grow? are there some technique i can use to stretch him out more?

i think its fun to experment in sex, it really keeps a couple together. vibrators aren’t always bad for everyone i think.
Perrin Rynning's picture
Perrin Rynning posted on Sun, 07/27/2014 - 23:59
Vibrators aren't bad, but they can make it almost impossible for either of you to ejaculate if you use them too often. Your body doesn't handle constant sexual stimulation well, so you both need to take a break from sex from time to time. As long as you're both able to orgasm you can take alternate: sex one night, no sex the next night, and so on. But if either of you start having problems, like it takes too long for you or he finishes a long time before you do, then you may need to take a longer break to let your tissues heal.

Your boyfriend can probably make his erection grow, but you should both know that it will take time and patient effort. He will need to reduce his orgasms to no more than once every three or four days for the first couple of weeks taking the medicine, and then gradually work back up to once every other day in order to keep any increases in his size. Choose one solution and let him take it for at least a month before trying something different. Good luck!
 - Perrin
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Latasha Kellogg's picture
Latasha Kellogg posted on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:30
i wonder if this is what’s happened to my boyfriend? he has a hard time (ha ha) getting completely hard, and his penis is slightly curved about halfway up. he says he used to masturbate all the time, too much, and now he’s ruined his penis. to me this seems a little crazy, but could it be true?

he also smokes weed a couple of times a week and drinks on the weekends. we’re both 22, still in college, so it’s not like we have super stressful jobs that could be messing with his head or anything.

if this is true, what do i need to get for him? i see that you have a recommended supplement, will this work in every case? it’s not a really big problem, because sex is still good, but it could be better…and his curved penis is a little weird. 
Jason Chen's picture
Jason Chen posted on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 14:47
It does sound like your boyfriend is suffering from the same problem as the OP—scar tissue buildup. In this case, you would be perfectly right to buy the recommended supplement, it is designed to improve circulation, which will help to remove the scar tissue and to restore the surrounding tissues to their optimal condition. This means that his erection will straighten out and be harder than ever.

However! You need to talk to him about his marijuana consumption. MJ constricts blood vessels, making it harder to get an erection in the best circumstances. It also interferes with the production of testosterone, which can cause him to lose libido—something I’m sure you don’t want. It can be fun to use marijuana in the bedroom, but it will really put a damper on your continued sexual experience if he’s always stoned, and if you’re lighting up as well you can look for your genitals to lose sensation along the way.

I think you should both consider trying an herbal detoxification. It will get you both well on your way to your best sex. By removing the lingering marijuana molecules, declogging the scarred up penile capillaries, and boosting hormone function, I’m sure you’ll notice a huge difference between now and then. 
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