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Lower Back Pain from S1 Bulging Disc has Ruined His Erection

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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: lower back pain Age: 18 - 35

His spinal cord damage or deformation causes low back pain, stomach pain, nausea, yellow tongue, erection pain and cramping.

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My 15-S1 Disc bulge is giving me low back pain. Sometimes the back pain comes with stomach pain and nausea. My back pain along stomach pain kills my erection at night. It’s been five years. I noticed since then my tongue slowly turned into yellowish color.


Spinal cord damage or deformation can cause impotence, erectile pains and post-sex pains.  Your problem is associated with cerebrospinal congestion, blood congestion, collagen scarring and nervous compression. You might want to contact your doctor to schedule a MRI to check for your bulging disc.
An erection is an action of the nervous system, which produces a dilation of arteries and tissues.  When an erection or sexual arousal occurs, your entire body's arteries and tissues are supposed to dilate too.  But when your body is placed in an inflammatory state by excessive prolactin and epinephrine release into the bloodstream, your arterial and tissue dilation or inflammation compresses your nerves, causing pains.
Yellow tongue indicates a stressful nervous reaction on the stomach, spleen, bladder, liver and kidneys.  You may have to massage your bulge area to improve the local blood circulation.
Depending on your severity, yoga, chiropractic, osteoapathic manipulation, and acupuncture can be helpful for you. You can also try Botanical Formula For Erection Rejuvenation to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, reduce your prolactin and epinephrine release, and boost your prostaglandin E-1 & E-3 and nitric oxide production for nervous elasticity and healing.

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Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation

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87654285 posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 11:13
That is pretty gross. Your tongue turning yellow because of all that masturbation. Slow it down. That is a bad sign and should be enough to stop. Just slow down.
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