Low Testosterone For Older Men Causes Erectile Dysfunction

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I have very soft erection and won’t last long I am no longer excited and low sexual drive… testosterone 341 ( Is this low?).

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I have very soft erection and it won’t last long and neither do I. I am no longer excited and I have a low sex drive… I have a PSA of 3.5 and my testosterone level is 341 (Is this low?).


Yes, your testosterone level is too low. 800 is the average. 900 is the average of a 13-15 year old boy’s testosterone level. Middle-aged men have a normal PSA of around 4.0 or under. The normal PSA for seniors is around 6.5 or under. Your PSA is excellent!
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Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive

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Kevin Bustamante posted on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 09:29
A soft erection that won't even last long. It would be a little bit better if it was at least a hard erection. You don't last long in bed and neither does your soft erection. I have never heard of such a problem but to me this is worse than any other problem I have ever heard of. I don't know the average testosterone levels maybe you should look it up to see if your levels are low.
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