Losing the “V” for Males – Getting it Right the First Time through Helpful Guidebooks

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Sexual Wellbeing Age: 18 - 35

A young virgin is looking forward to his first sexual encounter with an older woman and needs some advice on how to pull it off successfully. Let’s see what’s next...

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I’ve been flirting with an older woman who knows that I’m a virgin. Yes there I said it yes I am but I’m only 17. On my 18th birthday this older woman (she’s 28) wants to de-virginize me.
I’m kind of concerned because even though I know I’m good at masturbating, I know next to nothing about a woman’s body as well as how I can achieve my first orgasm through intercourse. Are there any books on the subject?


You’re a virgin but you have the confidence that you can get the job done. After all, you’ve seen all of those chicks in the porno videos and so know somewhat about a woman’s body, right? Plus you’ve imagined yourself as the male porn performer, pounding away at his female counterpart; Missionary, Doggystyle, and your favorite to date: Reverse Cowgirl – yeeeehaaaw!
Yeah, you’re confident you can turn it on, and turn it loose, when sexy time comes. It’ll be just like the pornos. You head to the store to buy some condoms…hmmm…you get some large ones since you just know you’re packin’ downstairs. Wouldn’t want to make your upcoming date nervous upon seeing your python, even though your date is more experienced than you. Pfffft! Whatever!

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Your sex date time rolls around and you head over to her place with condoms in pocket, thinking to yourself: “man, is she going to get it!” After arriving, you engage in a little small talk and then she suddenly leaps upon you like a cougar (hint), tearing your clothes off and going down on you. You bite your bottom lip…this isn’t how it was supposed to happen. You were supposed to take the lead, and then you were going to unsnap her bra and put your leg up behind her neck and then...
Now she’s looking at your shrunken wiener with one hand wrapped around it. She might as well be handling a slug with the way she’s acting. She tries stroking you one last time to no avail then promptly says: “I think this was a mistake…sorry.”
Pro, or No-Go?
Countless young (and some older) men who are virgins experience horrid scenarios similar to this. They think that they have it all planned out; what they’re going to do, what sort of positions they’ll get into and what acts they’ll perform. Unfortunately, no matter how much porn you’ve watched or how skilled you think you are with whacking your wiener, there is nothing like actually being with a woman.
Losing your virginity as a male is a right of massage into manhood. It shows that you’re not a little kid anymore and that you don’t still think that girls have kooties, but rather koochies. Not only that, but you’re able to please her kooch, along with the rest of her, and if you can deliver that pinnacle of male sexual achievement; the screaming, toe-curling, orgasm to her, as you explode. Then you’re as good as gold. Then you’re the man.
Most men don’t however, and end up fumbling around with their penises like some sort of deflated balloon. Meanwhile their date gets bored to death and it’s game over. This can result in a feeling of worthlessness, and depression can set in after then initial embarrassment. So how can you prevent all this from happening?
The Edge
Try turning off the porn and picking up a helpful sex guide. (SEE: Book-Buying for Male Virgins) Yes, you’ve watched hundreds of hours of porn already, but that doesn’t show you what these guides can teach you. Things such as:
  • How to build intimacy and comfort levels
  • Foreplay techniques to get things heated up and ready to go
  • Insight into the female anatomy including sensitive spots for orgasming
  • Sex positions optimal for her to reach a powerful orgasm
  • Fun positions that will make you climax (it’s not all about her, remember that)
  • Numerous tips and sex information that you probably have never considered
With this newfound knowledge, you can glide straight into manhood like a pro and have your sex partner quivering in sweaty satisfaction. She’ll probably doubt that you were a virgin and start nagging you to tell her the truth after you’re done with her in bed.


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