Loose at Eighteen? : How to Hold Onto Your Man in a Completely New Way

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Age: 18 - 35

She is eighteen, and has had sex just ten times in three years. Her boyfriend tells her that her vagina becomes loose after about twenty minutes of sex. He says he can’t feel anything inside. What can she do to tighten her vagina and create a sensation?

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I am only 18-years-old and I think I have a loose vagina. I have been together with my boyfriend since I was 15, and we have only had sex a handful of times, ten to be exact. He tells me that when we have sex for more than 20 minutes he can't feel anything anymore, like my vagina becomes really loose. Can I do anything to make it better so he can feel when he's inside of me? This is a really embarrassing situation.


You most certainly do not have a loose vagina. Poor girl! How sad that the world has caused you to worry about the state of your already-perfect pudendum. Having sex ten times in three years, between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, has about a zero chance of giving you a loose vagina. What you’re experiencing is a normal aspect of sex; the vagina can increase in surface area up to 200% when aroused.
Normal Sex, Normal Vagina
So, your vagina is behaving normally. The vagina is normally only about three or four inches long, and must expand during arousal for sex to be anything but a horribly painful experience. The uterus lifts up, creating more room for the vagina, which expands outwards, like a thick balloon. This entire process can take some time, and explains why your boyfriend only notices the problem after sex has gone on for a while. My guess is, you’re also pretty well lubricated twenty minutes in, and his sensation of your “grip” is diminished.
However, it’s easy to create the sensation of tightness; you can learn how quickly and easily, and then surprise your boyfriend next time you’re getting down.
Hold it...
Surrounding the bladder, vagina, and anus are thick bands of muscle. These muscles are known as the pubococcygeous muscles, they control your urination, defecation, and your vaginal contractions. The stronger they are, the better orgasms you’ll have; as the strength of the muscles surrounding the vagina decides how strong your orgasms are.
If you’ve ever held yourself back from urinating, you’ll know that these muscles can be voluntarily activated. Yes, even your vaginal muscles! With practice, you’ll develop the ability to contract your vagina voluntarily. You’ll also increase the size of these encircling muscles. This will assist you twofold: you will seem tighter initially, but you’ll also be able to tightly grip your boyfriend’s penis with your vagina.
Easy as 1, 2, 3!
You can provide a veritable penis massage once you gain adequate control of these muscles; contracting and releasing is reported by males to feel just like the tight grip of a hand. And as I mentioned, it’s quite easy! You can use Kegel weights to increase the strength of your vagina; they are placed inside the vagina, and then held there by the encircling muscles. (SEE: Vaginal Looseness Restoration with Kegel Balls) As the weight increases, so, too, does the strength of the vagina.
You’ll soon see happy results through the use of Kegel weights, and you’ll quickly be able to surprise your boyfriend. He won’t be able to break away from your new grip!

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