Looking Good, Feeling Fine but No Action in Bed: His Erectile Dysfunction Keeps Him from Pursuing Sexual Relationships

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He admits to caring about his appearance and receiving feminine attention as a result. He enjoys this attention and dates regularly but can’t achieve the ultimate satisfaction: sexual intercourse. His impotence as a result of diabetes is interfering with all aspects of his love life. We advise a cock ring to combat erectile dysfunction and get back into bed.

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I consider myself a good-looking man of 47. I exercise, dress well and pay attention to the little things like hair and shoes. A lot of women mistake me for younger than my age, which I admit is flattering. I never have a shortage of dates and could probably have sex whenever I want it. But I never take a woman to bed because of erectile dysfunction. This is something I’ve just started battling and know it’s because of my diabetes – I was diagnosed five years ago. I want to have sex, I want to take advantage of the attention I receive from women. But I need to know how to fix my impotence. Do you have any help for me?


Diabetes is an epidemic. It afflicts over 29 million people in the U.S. and is more common in men than women. Worse, diabetes puts a person of any age at twice the risk of death.
As bad as these statistics are, they say nothing of the complications that arise with diabetes. Kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, and erectile dysfunction (ED) all land on this list.
As odd as it seems, diabetes and ED are directly linked. Men diagnosed with the former are in fact three times more likely to have the latter. To understand why, we have to look at the sum of sexual response.

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When Sexual Function Fails
Nerves are key players in sexuality. They receive stimulation that, in men, cause erections. Many times stimulation isn’t even required – a man can achieve an erection simply by being aroused. But the nerves are still involved because they relay messages from the brain to the penis. Unfortunately, diabetes causes nerve damage that gives way to ED.
For an erection, blood must be able to flow freely through vessels. However, just as diabetes damages nerves, it also constricts vessels and causes circulatory problems. A man with vessel impairment will not be able to achieve an erection, even when his sexual desire is at its highest.
We mentioned earlier kidney disease is a complication of diabetes. Because the kidneys produce hormones, changes to these organs can alter a man’s body chemistry. This can mean limited sexual function and ED.
Even ED itself changes the body and makes intercourse more difficult. A man with impotence is likely to have low self-esteem and question his ability to perform in the bedroom. This creates stress that only adds to the problem.
The prescriptions used to manage diabetes also wreak havoc on the body. Common drugs like antidepressants and blood pressure medication impede the relay of signals between the brain and penis. We’re not telling you to stop taking these drugs, but we are suggesting you speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have and ask what you can do to combat ED.
Talk to Your Partner
When dealing with ED, many men make the mistake of keeping their silence. They’re either too embarrassed to open a frank discussion or worried their partners no longer respect them. But managing ED means people in a relationship must be willing to talk about their feelings. If you initiate a romantic relationship for a woman and find you can’t have sex because of impotence, explain to her your medical condition and how it effects your body. This alleviates the need for worry and insecurity to sneak into a blossoming relationship and take hold.
Buy a Cock Ring
We can’t think of a tactful way to say this, so we’re going to be blunt: a cock ring can help you overcome erection difficulties and restore your sex life. (TRY: Cock Rings for Erection Control for Diabetic Men) You don’t need to feel shy in exploring this option; cock rings are mainstream devices heralded for their ability to help a man last longer in bed.
Here’s what you need to know: cock rings force blood to stay in the penis so you can maintain an erection. They do not interfere with intercourse or other sexual techniques, and they come in a variety of options so you select the one most comfortable for your body. We recommend you take a look at some options and uninhibitedly purchase one or several. You’ll be surprised by the changes to your confidence and love life.

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