Long Time No See: Where’d My Penis Go?

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A middle-aged man seems to be losing length in his penis. He doesn’t use drugs or overmasturbate, but his boner seems to be going down the drain. Is there a reason for this, and a way to reverse it?

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Maybe I’m going crazy, but I FEEL like my penis is shrinking! I’m only 47, but my once 6 inch penis seems to be disappearing before my very eyes! I’ve never used hardcore drugs, and I’ve been married for years, so masturbation isn’t the problem either. Is it normal for men to lose length at a certain age or something? Can I get it back? Please help!


Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re in no way alone in this situation. Many and many a man begins to notice issues with penile length around your age (read: late forties onward), and it’s at this time that many other penile problems begin to rear their ugly heads as well. Well, that’s the bad news as well. You’re not imagining it. Your penis probably is shrinking.
To Hell With ‘Em
The reason for this is hormones. Hormones will do it to a person every time. You don’t have much choice in how and when they decide to do what they do, and your ability to control them has grown less in recent years due to the emergence of xenoestrogens, chemicals present in all kinds of things that, when introduced into the body, act as female hormones and affect the body accordingly.
We’re Losing Him!
Your body naturally begins to produce less testosterone as you move into your fifties. This is the initial reason for penile shrinkage. Your body requires testosterone to function as a sexual male. Testosterone controls libido, muscle tone, and to a lesser degree, circulation and tissue health. As tissues and arteries age, they lose their ability to carry and hold as much blood as they could before. This results in a smaller, weaker erection. Sorry.

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False Friends
Beyond that, there’s the negative influence of xenoestrogens. These dangerous hormones take the place of testosterone in male bodies, and can cause cancers in both males and females. These can come from plastic water bottles, most meats, groundwater, take-away boxes, sunscreens, paints, pools, and so much more. We ingest or are influenced by more and more of these each day. Imagine the buildup of these in your body over a lifetime! It’s no wonder you’re already experiencing a testosterone dearth.
Back to Normal
But there’s light at the end of the tunnel! You can increase the length of your penis again, and sidetrack all the potential other issues of hormonal imbalance. I recommend a specific herbal formula to help you with this. (SEE: Penis Size Reversal Formula) The Fo Ti and Panax Ginseng in this blend will assist your body in removing the negative hormonal influences from your tissues, blood, and liver, which is the first step for returning to normalcy.
The second part of the formula is designed to restore strength and vitality to your penis, by increasing free testosterone levels, as well as nitric oxide—a chemical that’s necessary for full, hard erections. Cuscuta and Ashwagandha are two powerful auxiliary herbs in this instance.
I’m sure that the simple addition of such a supplement to your daily life will result in you regaining all of your, ahem, lost ground, in no time! Don’t hold off; you’ll just notice accelerated issues the longer you wait. Best of luck!

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