A Little to the Left – Reversing the Effects of Penis Curvature

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Penis curvature impacts millions of guys, but most are embarrassed to talk about it. What causes it, and how do we treat it? Get the facts.

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My penis has a curvature to the left and down. I've seen a doctor and urologist, but they didn't recommend anything. Is there any way I can straighten my penis? Also, my penis is only about 5 1/2 inches long. Is there any way I can make it bigger?


Excessive penile curvature is indicative of a condition known as Peyronie's Disease. No, you're not going to die, and your penis isn't going to fall off (whoever decided to call it a “disease” was obviously very cruel or just had a very cruel sense of humor). It may sound harsh, but it's actually very treatable, assuming that you're proactive about it. 
Basically, Peyronie's Disease entails an extreme curving of the erect penis caused by a layer of scar tissue in the form of plaque. When your penis becomes erect, the scar tissue constricts the penis, causing unnatural bending. Think of it like having a Macy's Day balloon where the strings are pulled just a little too tightly in one direction (although this is one Macy's balloon you won't see floating above Central Park). 
The Cause 
I don't know you or your situation, so I can't diagnose exactly what may have caused Peyronie's Disease in your case (*cough* masturbation *cough*). In all seriousness, chronic masturbation is a leading cause of Peyronie's Disease, as the constant penile abuse causes blood vessels to rupture and scar tissue to form.

However, there are some lesser causes that may also be in play, including penis injury, abnormal growth and the use of hypertension drugs. Whatever the cause, I'm sure it's of little comfort to someone who's constantly hooking to the left like a poorly aligned automobile. So regardless o the case, we need to look for a solution and restore your penis to its former glory. 
The Remedy
In order to return a healthy flow to the river between your legs (thereby reversing the curvature), you need to dissolve the plaque that has accumulated. Herbs like Alima Plantago, Membranaceus, Atractylodes Macrocephala and Dong Quai have been shown to remedy and even reverse Peyronie's Disease, so I would recommend an herbal remedy that contains these and similar herbs. 
Many of these same herbs may even give you the size boost that you're looking for, as they promote increased blood flow for stronger erections while also enabling new tissue growth with the added production of hormones like HGH (human growth hormone). (SEE: Herbal Remedy for Penile Curvature) As guys, we tend to pretty easy to please. When our penises are happy, we're happy, so take good care of yours, even long after the curvature has gone and your love life has become far less awkward. 

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