The Liquid You See with Orgasm Isn’t Urine, Water or Milk: It’s a Medically Accepted Event Known as Female Ejaculation

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She endured a strange experience with her boyfriend when she ejaculated for the first time. Both initially thought the fluid was urine, but after some research they concluded she ejaculated with orgasm. Now her questions are many, including whether or not other people have experienced this and if female ejaculation is real.

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Is female ejaculation real? Is it possible? Has anybody ever experienced this? One night, my boyfriend was performing oral sex and fingering me. After a while, some liquid squirted out, it was sort of like urine, but I knew it wasn’t urine because I would have known if I peed. I mean, when you go to the restroom to pee, you feel this relief of emptying your bladder. I didn’t have this feeling when this happened. It was a really weird sensation because I didn’t even know it came out from me, let alone my vagina. I originally thought my boyfriend had accidentally peed on me in excitement, but when we were finished he asked me the same thing. Neither of us actually peed, so we looked up some information, and I think it might have possibly been female ejaculation. But is this real? My boyfriend said it was like something he had seen in a porno movie, but I don’t know. I have never seen it. I really hope you can shed some light on this experience. Thank you in advance for any response.


Your mind isn’t playing tricks, nor are you alone in your experience. The liquid you saw was in fact female ejaculation. Some researchers suggest all women ejaculate, whether they’re aware of it or not. While these emissions typically aren’t as graphic as porn movies depict – we’ll discuss that later – they are certainly noticeable to women and their partners.
Female ejaculation is a source of angst for many females. But here’s something important to remember: ejaculation only occurs with the strongest of orgasms. While every orgasm feels good, some are more powerful than others. You know what we mean – the orgasm that shoots waves throughout your body and makes you scream in pleasure is the same one that also causes you to ejaculate. So rejoice in knowing your sexual experiences are enjoyable.
Back to Basics: Female Ejaculation 101
It is widely accepted that men ejaculate with climax. The fluid they emit is about more than a release of pleasure – it also protects sperm so they can survive the move from male to female during intercourse. The prostate is the organ responsible for producing this liquid, and it also helps propel sperm out of the penis during orgasm.
We explain this to you because women do not have a prostate, but they do have organs known as Skene’s glands. These glands are likened to the prostate because they are responsible for producing female ejaculation. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, blood flow to her genitals increases and causes them to swell. The same is true of the Skene’s glands – they also become engorged.
At the point of orgasm, the Skene’s glands release fluid that passes through the urethral opening and is expelled from the body. It is unclear what function this fluid serves. Unlike male ejaculation, which facilitates reproduction, female ejaculation doesn’t appear to have a purpose.
How Studies of Female Ejaculation Have Helped Our Understanding
Until the 1980s, female ejaculation was either mistaken for vaginal lubrication or urine, meaning it was dismissed by the medical community. But a book called The G-Spot shed much-needed light into the corners of female sexuality. It helped differentiate ejaculation from lubrication, the latter of which occurs before and during intercourse to prevent damage to female genitals. It also identified this fluid as similar in composition to male ejaculation – both contain glucose and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
The position of the Skene’s glands differs from woman to woman, meaning they are similar to the G-spot in that a precise location cannot be given for every woman. We do know they exist on the front wall of the vagina, embedded in tissue. The variety in their location explains why some women ejaculate more than others.
Reign the Fluid with Easy Steps
Many women seek to control their ejaculation to avoid embarrassment, keep the bed sheets clean and/or please their partners. This control can be exerted, as evidenced by the porn movie your boyfriend watched. Keep in mind that women in the adult entertainment industry squirt or gush to embellish their sexual experiences. Squirting is not the same as ejaculating – the former comes from the bladder and has nothing to do with orgasm.
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