Learning The Not-So-Hard Way: Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Causes: diabetes Age: 36 - 55

Have you noticed a decline in your erection strength lately?

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My husband and I have been together for twenty years. I love him more than anything. We've always had a pretty good quality sex life, but lately I've noticed that he's just not able to hold an erection as long as he used to. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with this new lack of stamina?


You've actually hit the problem right on the nose. As men grow older, their stamina and ability to hold an erection throughout the duration of sexual intercourse can waver. Unfortunately, it's just the circle of life, but there are supplements and natural herbs that one may take in order to build up their testosterone levels and increase their blood circulation.
On The Way Up
Age will have a slight affect on your sexual performance no matter what, however once you add diabetes to the mix, your chances of running into sexual complications greatly increases.
On average, a typical diabetic male is able to achieve an erection, but they are not able to keep it going until the end of the sexual session. This outcome occurs because diabetes leaves nerves and muscle functions damaged, this includes muscles and nerves that make up the shaft of the penis.
As you age with diabetes, the chance of running into complications only increases. Diabetic men who are approaching the age of seventy have a 95% chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

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Don't Come Down
In addition to being highly frustrating, not being able to keep an erection afloat can also be very embarrassing for any man. When you do come to him with your concerns, I suggest breaking it to him very gently. I'm sure, because of how long you two have been together, the lines of communication are wide open. Just be mindful of his feelings, about half of any man's ego lays beneath his pants, no matter how old he may be.
No Conundrums With Cock Rings
In addition to a number of natural herbs and supplements you can try, there is also the great and powerful cock ring that is inexpensive and easy to use. (SEE: Cock Rings for ED Diabetic Relief) Like I mentioned before, your typical diabetic male is able to achieve a standard erection, he just doesn't have enough blood circulation to keep it up for very long.
The cock ring may help, because once you do achieve an erection, all you must do is slip it on over your penis and scrotum. This will temporarily trap the blood to these concentrated areas of the body until you remove the ring. Leaving you with a sufficient erection throughout the duration of intercourse.
Using the ring in tandem with an herb such as Deer Antler, or Horny Goat Weed will only increase your chances of attaining and even stronger erection that lasts longer.

What to do

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