Lacking Wood? Take Tribulus.

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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Men's Impotence Age: 36 - 55

His love for sex has caused his erections to go astray. Now, he is looking for any all-natural product to give him the boost he needs.

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I love to feel the warmth of a woman pressed against my body. I love how she can finish me with the movement of her hips. My girlfriend and I enjoy a healthy, active sex life. We both love to explore—and fulfill—our fantasies together. From steamy parking lot sex to wild cosplay, we enjoyed our sexual inhibitions.
Now, I fear the worse has occurred. The last few weeks I have noticed my erections become weaker. Before, my erections could crush a block of ice. Now, all they look like dangling tube socks. My gf tries fervently to assist me. She tries kissing, licking, rubbing, even massaging my tired friend all to no avail. It just sits there—motionless, like a cooked noodle. As a 37-year old man, I am concerned that I may suffer from impotence. What’s wrong with me?


Well, there is reason to be concerned. All men who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by sexual exhaustion worry about the same issue: its not getting hard! Fear not, for you have options available to you. First, let’s discuss how you wound up in your current situation.
Sexual Exhaustion: Missing a Dear Old Friend
Sex is exhaustion. Sounds like an outlandish statement, but sex is a stress-intensive activity. Think of sex as a giant chemical reaction. The body elevates hormone production, signals for more neurotransmitters, redirects blood flow and relaxes the muscles. All of these bodily reactions can exhaust the body of necessary nutrients, hormones and neurotransmitters. Without nutrients, the body cannot produce testosterone, a male’s main sex hormone charged with powering an erection.

No vitamins means no dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine, either, essnetial neurotransmitters that control pleasure, erections and ejaculations. Men who continue to engage in sex will deplete these neurochemicals until the body can no longer produce an erection.
Waking Him from His Slumber with Tribulus
To see a return of your once vigorous erections, your body needs a break. Relax. Go outside. Go camping. Watch a movie. Whatever you and your partner decide on, no sex. Yes, she will be irked by what you’re decision, but abstinence is necessary. Abstinence will allow the body to recovery and stabilize the hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance.
Abstinence aside, taking products infused with Tribulus can help speed up the balance of hormones. According to studies, Tribulus helps boost testosterone levels and nitric oxide production, which can help erectile tissues, blood vessels and nerves to allow the body to gain the proper erection. Because Tribulus boosts testosterone levels, your desire for sex will increase as well. Men, such as yourself, with unsustainable erections can see a necessary boost in confidence with products infused with Tribulus and other power herbs for faster results.

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newstar0820 posted on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 15:28
Yes. I would definitely recommend Tribulus to this guy. It works as a great natural sex drive booster and it will help keep the penis strong and erect.
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