Kegel Exercises Produce Pre-Cum

Squeezing of the P.C. muscles can contribute to premature ejaculation and excessive pre-cum.

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When I masturbate or engage in sex, I notice my penis turns into a mini water faucet. It drips pre-cum incessantly. A few rubs and I notice pre-cum leaking everywhere. I too attempt to quell the leaking by using my P.C. muscles, the same ones used to stop urine flow. Because of the heightened stimulation on my penis, I notice I tend to tense up and relax during sex to stymie an ejaculation. However, I often fail to stop an orgasm. What causes my penis to leak so much pre-cum? Can flexing the P.C. muscle help stop my ejaculations?


Squeezing of the P.C. muscles is much like squeezing a filled water balloon. Slight pressure will cause the liquid to explode out, leading to pre-cum issues. The squeezing stimulates your bulbourethral and prostate glands, which in turn causes you to experience the unwanted side effect of premature ejaculation due to weakened P.C. muscles.
The Kegel Effect
Most men try Kegel to help improve their endurance, yet the practice has a reverse effect: minimizing your endurance. Kegel exercises weaken your ejaculatory valve and enlarge your prostate, which allows pre-cum to leak out.

Pre-cum serves a necessary purpose: to stimulate the penile gland and prepare for an ejaculation. Without the liquid, men would be unable to ejaculate. When too much of the liquid is present, men end up ejaculating too fast.
Relax and Take A Break
Minimizing pre-cum leakage requires both abstaining from sex and following a strict regiment of dietary supplements that will strengthen the ejaculatory valve, stymie pre-cum and improve endurance.

The ejaculatory valve opens and closes during sex. Squeezing the P.C. muscles applies more pressure to the valve allowing it to stay open for longer. All-natural supplements formulated based on climax controlled herbs can help keep the valve closed for longer to minimize the amount of pre-cum a man leaks out.

What to do

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