Kegel Exercises aren’t Always the Best Option for Correcting Vaginal Looseness

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After two children, her vaginal muscles have changed drastically and are no longer tight and healthy, but instead loose and marred. She’s also experienced tearing, bruising and pain. She suspects Kegel exercises might help, although she’s read these can be potentially dangerous.

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My vaginal muscles went from being toned and tight to loose and damaged. After my second child, I noticed my skin started to tear and cause bruising near my vagina. The doctor said it was normal for this damage to occur. And after a few weeks, I thought it was normal to experience pain. After a few months, I noticed the pain subside, but the loose muscles remain.

I did some research and found that perhaps Kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscles. But other websites say Kegel is actually dangerous. So what’s the deal on Kegel? Harmful or not? If it is harmful, what are my alternatives?


What you’re going through is normal for a woman who has given birth, particularly in the case of two or more children. The rigors of lab =or and passing a baby through the vaginal canal profoundly change the female body. Few people discuss these changes until after the fact, at which point a woman might fearfully notice she’s not the same as she once was. But you don’t have to feel embarrassed about vaginal looseness – it’s a common condition that is very real but also very treatable.
The Effect of Childbirth on Muscles
The vagina is a muscle designed to stretch like an accordion. Its elastic tissues can accommodate a penis shaft during intercourse as well as a baby during birth. Again, keep in mind the vagina was conceived for both acts – its tissues fill with blood during both sex and labor so they stretch and move with greater ease. Hormones – namely estrogen – also keep vaginal walls strong and healthy during a woman’s childbearing years. These crucial biological processes help the vagina stretch and contract as necessary.
This is not to say that damage cannot be sustained. Pain, tearing and bruising are all normal after giving birth because of the trauma endured by the body. This trauma increases with the number of children a woman has. With multiple pregnancies, the vagina essentially stretches to the point that it doesn’t completely snap back. As tissues lose their elasticity, the surrounding skin becomes easily torn and bruised. These traits are indicative of an aging vagina, in which vaginal looseness sets in.
An Aging Vagina and Kegel Exercises
Your vagina ages just as the rest of your body does. Sometimes this is completely unrelated to your biological age and instead reflects the number of children you have borne. As already discussed, labor and pregnancy stretch the vaginal muscles and thin its tissues. One factor that does not influence vaginal age is the number of times you’ve engaged in sex.
Kegel exercises are touted as popular remedies for an aging vagina. In the middle 1900s, Dr. Arnold Kegel suggested a woman’s pelvic floor can be strengthened with a series of exercises involving the abdominal muscles. Sadly, many women do not perform these exercises correctly and thus see no results. In addition, the idea of strength in the pelvic floor isn’t accurate; women instead need to focus on tautness, which will help restore their vaginal muscles to what they were before pregnancy.
A Better Choice
Vaginal health is important for more than the common reasons of sex and romantic relationships. Engaging in pleasurable intercourse can offer mental and physical benefits, but you also need to be concerned with health issues relative to the urinary tract, cervix and ovaries. This is why you should ensure your vaginal muscles are as strong and elastic as possible.
To help you achieve healthy vaginal tissues, an herbal formula is a better option than Kegel exercises. Such exercises won’t cause harm to your body, but they aren’t likely to help, either. Herbs promote proper lubrication so muscles can stretch without tearing or thinning. They also hasten your body’s natural recovery processes for a tighter vagina. Look for ingredients like Dioscorea Opposita and Muira Puama (see more: VRD Formula), which stimulate hormone production and regenerate tissues. 

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