Keep Calm and Don’t Cum: Controlling Emissions and Erections with High Blood Pressure

He’s not young, but can’t seem to stop himself from cumming. The problem has developed recently, around the time he was diagnosed with hypertension. He’s also experiencing erectile dysfunction. Could his high blood pressure be the root of the problem? What can he do to solve it?

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I’ve recently been having problems with orgasm. I cum too fast! I’ve never had this problem in the past, but all of a sudden I can’t seem to hold back. It’s driving my wife crazy! Not only that, but my erections have gone down as well.  I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure, can that be anything to do with the problem? What can I do to stop it? I’m no young man, so I’m really confused by this problem.


Well, at least you’re a good one for self-diagnosis. Yes, hypertension does tend to lead to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. It has to do with how hypertension stresses out the circulatory walls. High blood pressure puts a great deal more stress on your veins, arteries, and capillaries than should normally be there. Over time, these walls become lax and do not hold blood as they should. This leads to problems keeping blood in the penis.
Be Drug Free
Premature ejaculation results from issues with blood volume in the penis. Fluctuations in the amount of blood in the penis, and the generally unhealthy state of the feeder arteries can trigger ejaculation. The best thing to do in this instance is to try to treat your hypertension without beginning hypertension drugs. These can tend to exacerbate the issue.

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A Better Option
What’s the best option for you? Why not try an herbal remedy designed to combat the negative effects of hypertension? (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Premature Ejaculation with High Blood Pressure) This formula includes herbs that help your body to recover from the strains of high blood pressure, while also rejuvenating your sexual function through the production of sex specific chemicals.
What’s In It?
Grape Seed is a powerful antioxidant, working to neutralize the effects of age and stress on the walls of your blood vessels and body tissues. Free radicals undermine a healthy body, by damaging your very cells. Removing these will do wonders for your tissue health. Grape Seed is also an effective vasodilator, relieving the pressure on your blood vessels, and removing the trigger for premature ejaculation.
Atractylodes is another diuretic, but also improves sexual vitality and endurance. It is also a tonic for the liver and kidneys, helping to remove toxins from the overtaxed circulatory system.
Cistanche positively impacts penile health, and boosts prostate and testicular function. It, interestingly, has also been proved to have anti-fatiguing properties by decreasing muscle damage and improving energy storage. Cistanche is another potent antioxidant, and promotes antibody production, leading to improved immune resistance. Not only that, but it improves neural function, and stimulates nerve growth. It’s an all-around improvement for your body and mind.
Back to Normal
You’ll soon be enjoying a healthy sex life again after a few doses of this supplement. The components alone would be more than enough to jumpstart you back into normalcy, but combined, you’ll be better than you’ve ever been. Keep up the exercise, eat well, and give this a shot! Good luck.

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