Jelging Your Way to Impotence

A male who experimented with jelging has caused damage to his penis.

Case #: 


I have a habit of masturbating for long periods of time, sometimes for several hours. One night I was unable to sleep and decided to play around online. I came across a jelging promotional site and thought it seemed like a natural way to make my penis longer and bigger around. I was foolish and spent about 5 minutes stretching my penis while it was flaccid. I didn’t stretch any longer than it is when erect but I think I may have pulled it too hard because my penis quickly shrank to the size of a peanut.
I have seen an urologist and had ultrasounds done but nothing serious shows up. The urologist even said there is no way to harm a flaccid penis. I am afraid that the damage I have caused myself is very real but undetectable by ultrasounds and tests. I am now experiencing impotency, which is something I have never before dealt with. 
I am afraid that maybe I have damaged my nerves, ligaments or vascular tissue. Would this be visible with an ultrasound? I can feel that my penis has changed I have the sensation of touch but I do not feel pleasure. I could touch it as long as I want and still not get an erection.
I also read that hormones may have a lot to do with my problem. Is this true? The stress of my situation has prevented me from sleeping. It has been over 30 hours since I first injured myself and I have still not slept. It is all I can think about and I’m afraid I may have caused irreversible damage.


I understand that damaging your penis can be scary, but it is important to stay calm and not let it get you down. So you experimented with make your penis bigger and took it a little too far. Who hasn’t really? We are all guilty of getting carried away when it comes to penis size. Overstretching your penis is likely the cause of your sensitivity loss and impotence, but it can be treated.

Jelging Dangers
I know some men who swear that jelging is the best way to stretch your penis to improve its length and girth, but the truth is, there are risks to doing it. Stretching too much or too hard can damage the nerves in your penis and reduce sensitivity. Once your nerves have had a chance to rejuvenate, the sensitivity will be restored and you will once again be able to feel pleasure in your penis.
You are not the only man who has ever damaged his penis by doing stretching exercises. I have seen similar injuries in the past and always recommend the same thing. Immediately stop the exercises and allow the nerves and ligaments in your penis to rest so they can recover from the damage.
Restoring Your Manhood
Blood flow plays a major role in the restoration and recovery of your damaged nerves. If there is not enough blood flow to the penis while the nerves are healing, scar tissue can form around the nerves or inside the penis and cause it to look deformed.

I am assuming you do not want to live with a deformed penis for the rest of your life, so you may want to try to natural herbal solutions (see the remedy) that will improve the blood flow to your penis and help your nerves recover faster. The second thing you need to do is relax and stop stressing out about your impotence. I understand that you are upset and maybe even a little scared and embarrassed. Stressing out about your injury will only take the nerves longer to recover and cause further problems for you.

It is also the reason you can’t sleep at night. Just calm down, take the suggested herbal supplements and let your body heal itself.

What to do

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