It’s Quite Embarrassing I Urinate a lot When I Am on Top

Her bladder lost control due to years of chronic yeast infection, hormonal changes from birth control patch, and encountered a decent size male genital.

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I have chronic yeast infection and took different medicines that don’t seem to help. I don’t engage in frequent sexual activity, maybe once or twice a week, and use birth control patch to prevent pregnancy. My new boyfriend has a very thick penis that gets me very excited and I urinate out. It used to be female ejaculation, but it is clearly urine now. It’s quite embarrassing I urinate a lot out when I am on top.


Combination of the hormonal fluctuation from birth control patch and various antibiotics might have weaken your immune system resulted in chronic yeast infection, bladder inflammation and infection, and weaken bladder muscle and sphincter.
Birth control emulates a pregnancy state by flooding the brain with excessive progesterone and estrogen, so that your brain will think you are pregnant and then shut down your ovarian function. This results in excessive progesterone or estrogen in the uterus, vagina, cervix, and bladder.
Take the herbs from Aztec Urinary & Bladder Control Secret Formulation For Her to strengthen the bladder sphincter and replenish the essential hormones for bladder tissue rejuvenation process. Fast recovery is expected when combing PC muscle exercise together with the necessary nutrients and growth factors from the herbs. 
Also check the pH of vaginal secretion to ensure you have proper pH level to prevent the growth of harm strain of bacteria. You can try to outgrowth the bad bacteria replaced with the beneficial lactobacillus.

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