It’s Not About Age: Why Women Can Experience Vaginal Dryness at Any Time

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A very young woman wonders at her lack of wetness during sex. She’s supposed to be in her sexual prime, but is experiencing a problem that for many women occurs during menopause. What can she do to combat this issue? It’s embarrassing her.

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I am very embarrassed to ask this because I am only 18 and I am supposed to be at my sexual prime. Women my age are supposed to have a really wet vagina, but for me it's hard to get wet. I am always dry and when I say dry, I mean really dry, to where it feels like bare skin. Is this normal? I have been reading and found out that this is common in women, women who are going through menopause. I am only 18 and not going through menopause so I don't understand. Please help me with this dryness. I don't have time to go to the gyno so any help would be great. Thank you.


It’s too bad that you’re having this problem so young. Don’t think you’re unusual for your age bracket, however. There is many and many a young woman who has issues with vaginal wetness. And, interestingly, females are not in their sexual prime at eighteen. Males are, but females are not. Women come into their sexual power hour around twenty-two, at the minimum.
Define “Wet”
For many women, the vagina produces moisture only at the beginning of sex, and this moisture can quickly dissipate under the friction of sexual action. Using condoms also tends to wreak havoc on vaginal lubrication levels.
So, given that you’ve allowed yourself adequate time to become aroused—say, about twenty minutes—and assuming that you do feel turned-on and ready to have sex, under these circumstances if you still, when you feel with a finger slightly inserted, find yourself to be completely without moisture, we’ve got a problem.
Missing My Estrogen
But it’s a problem we can solve. Vaginal dryness, when it’s not related to an absence of desire, can be traced to only one thing: estrogen. Now, why would a young woman such as yourself be lacking in the estrogen department? Well, it could be that your youthful hormonal levels haven’t matured quite yet, so there isn’t as much estrogen as there should be. Heavy exercise, low body fat, and certain types of diet delete estrogen as well.
Birth control often causes the body to become estrogen deficient, and there’s always the fact that some women naturally have low levels of estrogen. If you suspect any of these causes, you can experiment on your own to find a long-term solution. For the moment, I recommend using a lubrication that features a very special compound.
Love Me Some Lube
Lubrication may seem embarrassing, but I assure you, sex will be easier on your lady parts, and more enjoyable, if you use it. Continually having sex in which your vagina feels dry will do damage to your delicate tissues—distending and abrading them in a way that will age them prematurely. Also, plenty of women use lube. I was using it when I was your age. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
But to continue, the compound I’m speaking of is derived from Wild Yam. This tuber contains phytochemicals, which act inside your body just as estrogen does itself. You can increase your estrogen levels simply by using this lubrication; you will soon improve your situation to where you no longer have the bothersome vaginal dryness you’re now suffering from. (TRY: Vaginal Moisturizing Wild Yam Gel)
Be Well
And one more thing: if you have enough time to have sex, you have enough time to go to the gynecologist. If you’re sexually active, there’s no excuse not to have at least one annual checkup. You can make an appointment online at any Planned Parenthood for free; they will provide you with a variety of birth control choices, as well as testing for bacterial infections, STIs, and pregnancy. If you go to college, there will most likely be a health center on your campus. The fees for it come out of your tuition, so your appointment is free, and any medication is at a much-reduced cost. Please, make your sexual health a priority.

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