Intercourse Pain Caused by Weak Kidney Yin Function & Antibiotics

Antibiotics can weaken neuro-immunity, reducing levels of DHEA and androstenedione, leading to yeast infection and intercourse pain.

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I am suffering from vulvodynia. My symptoms include:
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Itchiness and raw feeling on the inner labia
  • Soreness at the entrance to the vagina with burning sensation
  • Overactive bladder

I have never taken birth control pills. Eat healthy with regular exercise. But my vulvodynia problems occurred after I was on antibiotics for a bladder infection and followed by a yeast infection. I have consulted with a Chinese Traditional Medical doctor and was told that I have weak Kidney Yin function.


Kidney Yin often refers to the hormone DHEA and Kidney Yang often refers to the hormone androstenedione. These hormones are produced in these organs:




Adrenal Cortex 85% 50%
Ovaries (Women) 15% 50%
Testicles (Men) 10-15% 50%

The adrenal cortex, a tiny gland seated on the top of the kidney. Brain and other organs also produce a little of each for self support, in the event of aging or sex organ failure  such as (adrenal, ovarian, testicular failure).  Most likely you have deficiency of both hormones.
Both hormones are associated with muscular strength and flexibility as well as neuro-immune function, healing, and synthesis of the anti-inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-1.  PGE-1 is responsible for maintaining and restoring the integrity of tissues, nerves, and blood vessels.
Antibiotics weaken your neuro-immunity and reduce prostaglandin E-1 production in the tissues. It has been known that quinolone antibiotics are very effective drugs for treating bacterial infections. But the toxic buildup from the metabolic breakdown of these drugs in the muscle and tendon can have unwanted side effects. People on antibiotics may experience muscle aches or join pain for this reason.
VRD Formula III is designed to reduce stress, increase detoxification process, and boost immunity. Herbal ingredients in the formula known to boost liver function for release toxin buildup and relieves involuntary vaginal reflex for intercourse pain.
Good hygiene can help alleviate symptoms of intercourse pain.  Avoid scented bath products, such as body washes and shower gels, as they can irritate your genital area and zap your natural lubrication.  Douche with infusions made from antiseptic herbs such as calendula, garlic, goldenseal, fresh plantain, St. John's wort, or tea tree oil, along with herbs such as comfrey leaves to soothe irritation.

What to do

VRD Formula III - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Intercourse Pain

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