Inordinate Lengths - A Story of Vaginal Looseness

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Causes: aging vagina Age: 36 - 55

Mother wonders how to restore her vagina to the way it was before she had her child. She had the baby 24-years-ago, and isn’t comfortable with how her vagina looks now, although her husband has no issues with it. What can she do to get back to her old self?

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I had my last child 24 years ago. I, unlike other woman, had one and done. Childbirth was painful. The pregnancy was dreadful. I hated having morning sickness. I loathed the weight gain, and I especially disdained the destruction childbirth created on my body. Please don’t judge me, I know it’s shallow. But still, momma had a rock ‘n body before—and I still sort of do.
Anyway, my childbirth stretched my vaginal tissue to inordinate lengths. It still amazes me that a child came out of such a small canal as mine. Still, now I feel a bit embarrassed by my new look. My husband doesn’t mind, but I do. What can I do?


I’m not quite sure how to help you here. You state that childbirth wreaked havoc on your body, but you’re talking about vaginal looseness being a problem twenty-four years later. Women who have a single child in their early twenties usually don’t experience an issue with vaginal looseness, because vaginal tissue is meant to snap back—especially after a single child, especially at an age when your muscles and tissues are still very strong and elastic. Have you been feeling “too loose” for twenty-four years? Or is this looseness a recent issue and you feel it’s related to having had a child? 
Since I don’t know how old you are, I won’t assume that you’re menopausal, and that low hormone levels are the root of your vaginal looseness—although, if you had a child twenty-four years ago, chances are you’re either peri-menopausal or in full-blown menopause. If such were the case, that would be the reason you’re experiencing a looser vagina, and it would have occurred with or without you having had a child. 
Twenty-Four Years of Torture
If this issue has persisted for twenty-four years, why do you feel it is such? Is it a lack of sensation during sex? Or do you think that your vagina looks “too big” after having a child? In the instance of the former, there are muscle-strengthening exercises to help you regain sensation and begin enjoying sex again. In the case of that latter, what makes you think your vagina isn’t fine just the way it is? It seems as though pregnancy was really a difficult period for you; I wonder if your negative emotions regarding the entire process have influenced your mindset regarding your vagina—fixating, as it were, on the idea that childbearing unnaturally stretched it.
Another thing that interests me is how your husband doesn’t seem to have an issue with the quality of your vagina. Usually, it’s men who complain about a woman being “too loose”; again, this causes me to wonder if perhaps you’ve given yourself a complex regarding the state of your vagina. I’m sure you didn’t come here looking for a psychological workup, but it saddens me to think that you’ve been so unhappy with your vagina for so long, and I wonder if a reality check might benefit you more than muscle strengthening techniques. 
We (women, today) are fed an image of the perfect vagina—small, tight, juicy, pink, hairless. But how unnatural it is to tell women that their vagina isn’t beautiful because it doesn’t look like the pudendum of a teenager! Women’s vaginas are as unlike one another as their breasts and bodies are. The only time you see similarities and “perfections” in breasts is when they’ve been modified to look that way. It’s the same with vaginas. Each vagina is perfect in its own way—whether it’s had one child, eighteen children, or none at all; whether it’s more open and exposed, or more tucked away and concealed; whether it’s hairy or hairless. All that matters is that the woman owning it feels pleasure when she’s using it. And if you aren’t feeling good, then it doesn’t matter what it looks like. 
Finally, Some Real Advice
So here’s my advice for actually tightening your vagina. Try an herbal supplement designed to increase blood flow, tissue growth and rejuvenation, and vaginal health. (SEE: Herbal Formula For Vaginal Regeneration) This will cause your vagina to increase the thickness of its walls—giving the sensation and appearance of a tighter vagina. At the same time, begin practicing Kegel exercises. They increase the strength of the muscle bands that surround your vagina, giving it a tighter appearance and a stronger grip. I hope you find happiness with your vagina!

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