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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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If you jerk it, hair can fall – effects of over masturbation

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By Jose Rocha Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: thinning hair Age: 18 - 35

How masturbation can be the probable cause of hair thinning. Over-masturbation in some instances can cause both early baldness and a bad sex life.

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I have been masturbating since secondary school. Since reading that over masturbation can lead to thinning hair, I decided to research the topic. Should I be concerned that my habits could lead to thinning hair?


Sustained over masturbation creates negative effects, the most noticeable being hair loss that can happen over the course of a couple years. But over masturbation can create another issue—lowered sex drive.

The DHT Effect
When you over masturbation, your body uses up testosterone and transforms it into DHT. High levels of DHT will bind to the root of hair cells that cause hair loss. Men who experience high DHT levels will often showcase signs of premature balding.
Keeping Hair and Love Life
Keeping your hair and love life healthy require proper DHT levels. You need to stop masturbating. Next, you need herbal products that:
  • Promote blood circulation under the scalp
  • Reduce thinning hair and hair loss
  • Block excessive DHT from binding to hair follicles
Herbal formula such as Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth include ingredients such Fo-Ti, Astragalus Membraneous, Mulberry, Cuscuta and Ginkgo Biloba that promote bioenergy at the scalp to facilitate hair growth. If you notice your hair starting to thin because of over masturbation, take action now before you go completely bald.

What to do

Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth

Improve hair growth by eliminating DHT buildup. If you have been masturbating for years, Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth can help regrow your dead hair follicles. Read more
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manojra posted on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 07:35
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All the best have a great day

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dayron5052 posted on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 16:53
Really scary situation here. I guess all those myths about masturbating and growing hair on your palms had it all wrong. It's the other way around, you won't grow hair on your palms but you will lose hair on your head. I would personally rather have hair palms and just shave them than losing hair on my head. I don't look that great with a baldhead anyways.
Blake's picture
Blake posted on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 17:01
I have to admit, losing the hair on my head is one of my biggest fears. I hope I don't endure that anytime soon.
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